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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Water)

Water Environment Agronomic
No. Year Description
68 1961 Water and Effluent: The Law and the Practice
J B C Carr J C Pinder D H Sharp
135 1973 Fertilisers, Farming Practice and Water Quality
G J Kolenbrander
156 1976 Fertilisers and the Environment - Symposium
G J Kolenbrander
156 1976 Effluent Problems in Fertiliser Manufacture - A Review
F W Bennett B C Spall
156 1976 Environmental Impact of Gaseous Emissions from the Manufacture of Fertilisers
L Whalley
156 1976 Effects of Waste Chemicals from the Manufacture of Fertilisers on the Marine Environment
L Carter
156 1976 Noise Pollution
C Thomas
156 1976 Health and Safety at Work Act (UK)
J Gardner
213 1983 Effluent Control on a Fertiliser Manufacturing Site
J H Markham
222 1983 Environmental Aspects of the Use of Organic Farm Wastes and Sewage Sludge
R J W Dight
276 1988 Current Recommendations for Nitrogen Fertilisation within the EEC in Relation to Nitrate Leaching
W H Prins K Dilz J J Neeteson
300 1990 Practical Measures to Reduce Nutrient Loss from the Arable/Field Vegetable Farm
C A Pedersen
301 1990 Practical Measures to Reduce Nutrient Loss from Grassland Systems
Dr ir H Korevaar D J den Boer
303 1991 Eutrophication of Surface Waters and the Contribution of Agriculture
E J B Uunk
304 1991 Utilisation of Animal Manure to Avoid Pollution
J H Voorburg
325 1992 Nitrogen Immobilisation and Leaching in Pasture Soils
S P Cuttle P C Bourne
327 1992 Nitrate Leaching from Intensively Grazed Swards
E I Lord
330 1992 Nitrate Leaching under Arable Land Ploughed out from Grass
A Lloyd
331 1992 Nitrate Leaching from Potatoes and Spring Barley on Sandy Soils, with and without Irrigation
M A Shepherd
356 1994 Integrated Pollution Control
M G Leach
359 1994 Nitrate - Best Agricultural Practice for Water
B T Croll
365 1995 Contribution of Agricultural Phosphorus to Eutrophication
R H Foy P J A Withers
405 1997 Control of Nutrient Losses to Water from Agriculture in Europe
J R Archer M J Marks
442 1999 Measuring the Environmental Impacts of Agriculture: Use and Management of Nutrients
K Parris L Reille
456 2000 Dietary Nitrate: A Re-Evaluation of the Beneficial and Other Effects
C Leifert M H Golden
462 2001 Nitrogen Cycling in Grassland Systems
C J Watson
463 2001 Dynamics of Soil and Fertiliser Nitrogen in Arable Systems
S Recous
468 2001 New Irrigation Methods to Increase Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency
D Mingo W J Davies
493 2002 IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention & Control) and its Impact on the Fertiliser Industry
P D Rees
517 2003 Effect of Nitrate Legislation on Fertiliser Nitrogen Management for Grassland
J Humphreys K O'Connell C J Watson
518 2003 Strategies to Meet Requirements of the EU-Nitrate Directive on Intensive Dairy Farms
H F M Aarts
519 2003 Strategies to Meet the Requirements of the Nitrate Directive on Arable and Field Vegetable Farms in the Netherlands
J W A Langeveld
520 2003 Nitrogen Input Controls on Danish Farms: Agronomic, Economic and Environmental Effects
L Knudsen
521 2003 Greenhouse Crop Production in Europe and its Perspective in the 21st Century
E Heuvelink J H Lee O van Kooten
522 2003 Nutrient Management in Protected Cropping in the Middle East and in European Mediterranean Countries
M Sne
522 2003 Nutrient Management in Protected Cropping in Turkey
D Anaç N Eryüce
529 2003 Nutrient Management in Soil and Soil-less Culture in the Netherlands: Towards Environmental Goals
W Voogt
529 2003 Nutrient Management in Protected Cropping: the Need for Automated Control
P Stradiot
530 2003 Developments in Monitoring Methods for Nutrient Solutions
C A Georgiou
531 2003 Fertigation: Developments in Pathogen Removal from Recycled Water
T R Pettitt
532 2003 On-line Monitoring of Protected Crops and their Environment: Towards the Speaking Plant
R Baas
532 2003 Water Stress and Root Disease Detection in Protected Crops by Routine Measurements
R Linker L S Katzman I Seginer
532 2003 Monitoring of Nutrients and Water in Closed (Recycled) Systems for Ornamentals
A Lowengart-Aycicegi A Avidan M Eisinger Y Shefer A Shefer B Shefer V Shefer
579 2006 Integrated Nutrient Management on Farm: Three Case Studies
H Wahlstedt L Törner A Guy P Huxtable
590 2006 Agricultural Phosphorus in Relation to Its Effect on Water Quality
C J Dawson A E Johnston
591 2006 Removing Phosphorus from Municipal Waste Water before Its Discharge to Watercourse
P Balmér
609 2007 Impact of Climate Change on Crop Nutrient and Water Use Efficiencies
S M Brouder J J Volenec
665 2009 Need for Agro-Ecological Intelligence to Limit Trade-offs between Global Food, Feed and Fuel
P S Bindraban
667 2010 Land Remediation and Workforce Redeployment Resulting from the Ending of Potash Mining in France
R Giovanetti
668 2010 The Phosphate Life-Cycle: Rethinking the Options for a Finite Resource
J Hilton A E Johnston C J Dawson
679 2010 Defining Good Ecological Status of Water, as Required by the European Water Framework Directive
G Phillips
680 2010 Treatment and Use of Wastewater for Agricultural Irrigation
J Hagin M Khamis A Manassra J Abbadi M Qurie A Bulad L Al Hadidi
R Semiat A Shaviv I Katz C Dosoretz O Blonder
681 2010 Catchment Agronomy: Processes, Mitigation Measures and Indicators to Protect Water Quality
C Gascuel-Odoux S Guiet T Morvan F Vertès
682 2010 Fertigation Management Using Soil Sensor Controls in Field Cropping, with Flow-Aid Case Study
J Balendonck B A J van Tuijl F L K Kempkes J Wilms J J de Haan
686 2010 Enhancing Use of Rainwater for Meat Production on Grasslands: An Ecological Opportunity Towards Food Security
P S Bindraban J G Conijn R E E Jongschaap J Qi M A Hanjra J W Kijne P Steduto
H M J Udo T Owels I de Boer
697 2011 Yield Potential of Combinable Crops in the UK
P M Berry R Sylvester-Bradley R Weightman
741 2013 Gypsum to Improve Soil Structure and to Reduce Phosphorus Loss
R Kauppila L Pietola
763 2015 Review of Promising Methods for Phosphorus Recovery and Recycling from Wastewater
C Kabbe J C Remy F Kraus
764 2015 Ion-Exchange Treatment of Effluent from Ammonium Nitrate Plants for Nitrogen and Water Recovery
N Arion G J Mommaerts
765 2015 Recovery of Phosphate as Struvite from Wastewater Streams
A T Britton F P Abrary
777 2015 Practical Action on Farm to Reduce Rural Diffuse Pollution
M Aitken S Field
779 2015 Phosphorus Fertilisation: Achieving Agronomic and Environmental Goals
D P Wall N T McDonald
796 2016 Upward Revision of Restrictions on Nitrogen Applications in Denmark
L Knudsen

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