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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Broad-based Reviews)

Broad-based Reviews Agronomy - Other Agronomic
No. Year Description
1 1947 Fertilisers and Food, A Retrospect and Prospect
Sir E John Russell
3 1948 Role of Fertilisers in the National Economy
W G Ogg
17 1952 American Fertiliser Practice and Problems
E M Crowther
19 1952 History of the Fertiliser Industry in Britain
W G T Packard
27 1954 Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilisers in North-Western Europe
G W Cooke
37 1956 N.P.K. Residues from Fertilisers and Farmyard Manure in Long-Term Experiments at Rothamsted
R G Warren
46 1957 Fertilisers and Productivity
David Lowe
53 1958 Science in the Service of Agriculture
Sir William Slater, KBE
56 1959 Concentration (of fertilisers) - First Francis New Memorial Lecture
H U Cunningham
66 1961 The Importance of Fertilisers - Second Francis New Memorial Lecture
H Stevenius-Nielsen
69 1961 On Getting Through to the Farmer
Kevin Fitzgerald
71 1962 Reactions of Phosphate in Soils: Recent Research by TVA
E O Huffman
73 1962 Developments in the F.A.O. Fertiliser Programme Under the Freedom from Hunger Campaign
H L Richardson
77 1963 Fertilisers in Retrospect and Prospect - Third Francis New Memorial Lecture
K D Jacob
86 1965 Fertiliser and the World Scene - The Problem of Understanding. Fourth Francis New Memorial Lecture
Sir Edmund Hudson
92 1966 Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilisers: Their Forms and Their Places in Agriculture
G W Cooke
97 1967 Developing a Basis for Fertiliser Use - Fifth Francis New Memorial Lecture
T Walsh
108 1969 Trends in Technology - Sixth Francis New Memorial Lecture
Travis P Hignett
120 1971 Role of the World Bank in Agricultural Development
O W T Price
121 1971 Fertilisers and Society - Seventh Francis New Lecture
G W Cooke
134 1973 Fertilisers - The Future? Eighth Francis New Memorial Lecture
B Raistrick
147 1975 The World Food Crisis and its Implications for the Fertiliser Industry - Ninth Francis New Memorial Lecture
Arnold Robinson
152 1975 Food - Fertiliser - Energy - Efficiency
W van Monsjou
160 1976 Role of the World Bank in Helping to Meet the Fertiliser Requirements of Developing Countries
W F Sheldrick
161 1977 Fertilisers in Dispute - Tenth Francis New Memorial Lecture
H van der Molen
178 1979 The Fertiliser Industry - Development and Change in Ireland - Eleventh Francis New Memorial Lecture
J B Hynes
190 1980 Changes in Fertiliser Use in the UK from 1950 to 1980
G W Cooke
196 1981 Fertilisers for Tropical and Sub-Tropical Agriculture - Twelfth Francis New Memorial Lecture
Donald L McCune
212 1983 The Changing Structure of the International Fertiliser Industry - Thirteenth Francis New Memorial Lecture
W F Sheldrick
233 1985 World Fertiliser Industry: Challenges and Constraints in the Recent Past and Future - Fourteenth Francis New Memorial Lecture
John M Lancaster
254 1987 Fertilisers in Developing Countries: Opportunities and Challenges - Fifteenth Francis New Memorial Lecture
S K Mukherjee
273 1988 Placement of Solid Fertilisers in Agricultural Crops: A Review
H Knittel
273 1988 Experiments with Fertigation as a Method of Placement of Fertilisers in Fruit Growing in the Netherlands
J A Kipp
277 1989 Development and Introduction to Industry of New Technology - Sixteenth Francis New Memorial Lecture
Haldor F A Topsøe
302 1991 Fertilisers in the Environment - Seventeenth Francis New Memorial Lecture
P B H Tinker
303 1991 Eutrophication of Surface Waters and the Contribution of Agriculture
E J B Uunk
333 1992 Fertilisers in the European Environment - The Way Ahead
A J Williams
334 1993 Design and Operation of a Safe and Environmentally Friendly Nitrogen Fertiliser Plant - Eighteenth Francis New Lecture
V Bizzotto
335 1993 The Demand for Sustainability
P B H Tinker
362 1995 Forty Years with the Phosphate Industry - Nineteenth Francis New Memorial Lecture
A Davister
367 1995 World Food Demand and Supply Prospects
Prof. T Dyson
373 1995 Changing Patterns of Trade and Commercial Activity
B A Brentnall
374 1995 Fertilisers for the Future
G Kongshaug
386 1996 Fertiliser Supply from Factory to Farm: a Global Review
K F Isherwood
395 1997 20th Francis New Memorial Lectures: 50th Anniversary (3 papers published together)
K F Isherwood
395 1997 Fifty Years with the Fertiliser Industry. 20th Francis New Memorial Lecture: 50th Anniversary
F J Johnson
396 1997 Fertilisers & Agriculture: 50 Years of Development and Challenges. 20th Francis New Memorial Lecture: 50th Anniversary
A E Johnston
397 1997 The Fertiliser Society 1947 - 1997. 20th Francis New Memorial Lecture: 50th Anniversary
G E N Lance
411 1998 Soil and Plant Potassium in Agriculture
J Keith Syers
437 1999 Design, Development and Use of a National Survey of Fertiliser Applications
A G Chalmers A W Renwick A E Johnston C J Dawson
445 1999 Nitrogen Fertiliser Planning and Marketing in a Changing World - 21st Francis New Memorial Lecture
B Higgs CBE
475 2001 Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems
M K Garrett
480 2001 Experiences of the Past 25 Years and Current Issues for the European Fertiliser Industry - 22nd Francis New Memorial Lecture
G Kongshaug T K Jenssen
521 2003 Greenhouse Crop Production in Europe and its Perspective in the 21st Century
E Heuvelink J H Lee O van Kooten
525 2003 Crop Nutrient Requirements and Management in Protected Cultivation
L F M Marcelis C C De Groot F M Del Amor A Elings M Heinen P H B De Visser
526 2003 Nutrition of Protected Leaf Vegetables
I G Burns A Escobar-Gutierrez K Zhang
527 2003 Nutrition of Protected Fruit Vegetables
A Bar-Tal B Aloni L Karni H Aktaf
576 2005 Agronomic Knowledge Transfer from Research to the Field - 24th Francis New Memorial Lecture
I R Richards
623 2008 Food, Fertilisers and Footprints - An Environmental Essay. 25th Francis New Memorial Lecture
C J Dawson
688 2011 Nutrient and Carbon Cycling in Agro-Ecosystems and their Interactions with Ecosystem Services. 27th Francis New Memorial Lecture
J J Neeteson
769 2015 Global Fertiliser Industry: Transitioning from Volume to Value - The 29th Francis New Memorial Lecture
A H Roy
795 2016 Estimation of Global Yield Gaps and Implications from their Analysis
M K van Ittersum S C de Vries P A J van Oort P Grassini

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