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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings (Safety)

Safety Safety Safety
No. Year Description
110 1969 Production of Ammonium Nitrate including Handling and Safety
R W R Carter A G Roberts
124 1971 Thermal Stability of Fertilisers Containing Ammonium Nitrate
G Perbal
137 1973 Safety in Works
G Perbal
137 1973 Safety of Products and Raw Materials
G Perbal
137 1973 Safety Systems and Legal Requirements
V P England
137 1973 Safety and Design and Operation
J F Killeen
156 1976 Fertilisers and the Environment - Symposium
J F Killeen
156 1976 Effluent Problems in Fertiliser Manufacture - A Review
F W Bennett B C Spall
156 1976 Environmental Impact of Gaseous Emissions from the Manufacture of Fertilisers
L Whalley
156 1976 Effects of Waste Chemicals from the Manufacture of Fertilisers on the Marine Environment
L Carter
156 1976 Noise Pollution
C Thomas
156 1976 Health and Safety at Work Act (UK)
J Gardner
182 1979 Risk Analysis and Fertiliser Plant
Sir Frederick Warner
207 1982 Surface treatments - Symposium on Materials of Construction in Fertiliser Plants. Session 2
Sir Frederick Warner
207 1982 Protecting Fertiliser Manufacturing Plant: The Role of Surface Coatings
R S Hullcoop
207 1982 Corrosion and Protection of Concrete in an Ammonium Nitrate Environment
D W May
207 1982 Solving Wear Problems in a Compound Fertiliser Plant
P Furnival
265 1988 Storage and Distribution of Straight Ammonium Nitrate Fertilisers in Bulk
W van Hijfte
267 1988 Development of Legislation Affecting the Production, Distribution, Storage and Use of Fertilisers - The UK Experience
D J Heather
307 1991 Stress Corrosion Cracking of Carbon Steel Storage Tanks for Anhydrous Ammonia
L Lunde R Nyborg
334 1993 Design and Operation of a Safe and Environmentally Friendly Nitrogen Fertiliser Plant - Eighteenth Francis New Lecture
V Bizzotto
352 1994 Legislation Affecting the Production, Distribution, Storage and Use of Fertilisers in the 1990s
D J Heather G E N Lance
382 1996 Control of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Liquid Ammonia Storage Tanks
R Nyborg L Lunde P-E Drønen
383 1996 Safe Operation of Fertiliser Plants
M R Bailey R J Milborne I K Watson
384 1996 Safety of Ammonium Nitrate Fertilisers
K D Shah
385 1996 Risk Assessment in EU Safety Legislation - Adoption and Use
H Hagen
401 1997 Ammonia: Safety, Health and Environmental Aspects
K D Shah
406 1997 Product Stewardship (Fertilisers)
D M Martin R S N Carne
441 1999 Public Confidence in Fertilisers and in Food Quality and Safety
M N Hall J L Jones
448 2000 Ammonium Nitrate: Safety Aspects of Blended and Granulated Compound Fertilisers based on Ammonium Nitrate
K D Shah D C Thompson
450 2000 Self-Sustaining Decomposition of NPK Fertilisers Containing Ammonium Nitrate
H Kiiski
482 2001 De-Commissioning of Ammonia Cold-Storage Tanks
J Kristensen R Fogg
492 2002 Safety Legislation and the Fertiliser Industry
K D Shah
494 2002 Off-spec and Reject Fertiliser: Management Guidelines
K D Shah J A M van Balken
496 2002 Ammonium Nitrate: Toxic Fume Risk from Fires in Storage
G Atkinson W D Adams
508 2003 Product Stewardship Applied to Fertilisers
H Kiiski R J Milborne
515 2003 Ammonium Nitrate Production Using a Pipe Reactor: Experiences over 10 Years
M Voorwinden J-B Peudpièce J-F Granger
516 2003 Safety Assessment of Materials used in Construction and Equipment for Ammonium Nitrate Production and Storage
K D Shah
534 2004 Review of Recent Legislation Affecting the Fertiliser Industry
D J Heather J A M van Balken
537 2004 Nitric Acid Production - Operational Safety
J A Hudson
541 2004 Legislation Affecting Nitric Acid Operations
K D Shah
546 2004 Micronutrient Inclusion in Fertilisers: Safety and Compatibility
H Kiiski
561 2005 Urea-Ammonium Nitrate Solution: Corrosive Characteristics and Hazards
K DeMarsh
562 2005 Safe Use of Gas-Fired Equipment in Fertiliser Plants
H A M Duisters
580 2006 Safety Testing of Ammonium Nitrate Products
R J A Kersten E I V van den Hengel A C van der Steen
581 2006 Ammonium Nitrate Handling Operations: Guidance for Safe Practice
K D Shah J A M van Balken
583 2006 Phase Stabilisation of Ammonium Nitrate Fertilisers
H Kiiski
585 2006 Ammonium Nitrate Transport: Accidents and Investigations
K D Shah J F D Chys
597 2007 Fertiliser Security and Traceability - The UK Approach
G P Smith J M W Kelley M W Buchan D J Heather
598 2007 Managing Secure Fertiliser Logistics Using a Web-based System
B Meijburg
599 2007 Technologies for Tracking, Tracing and Identification of Products Across Global Supply Chains
K A Osman
603 2007 Inspection of Atmospheric Ammonia Storage Tanks; New EFMA Recommendations
H A M Duisters
604 2007 Safety Issues in Ammonia Handling and Distribution
K D Shah
608 2007 Beneficial Effects of Potassium on Human Health
F J He G A MacGregor
622 2008 Corrosion Beneath Insulating Materials
F De Vogelaere
622 2008 Safety and Protection of Overhead Pipework
N G Oates
627 2008 Ammonium Nitrate Fertilisers: Analysis and Appraisal of Classification Categories
H Kiiski
628 2008 Safety Assessment of Bitumen-based Asphalt (Tarmac) Flooring in Ammonium Nitrate Fertiliser Stores
R H Dyson P Waller K D Shah
629 2008 Ammonium Nitrate Production, Storage and Distribution: Accidents and Investigations
K D Shah
644 2009 UK Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme: Review of First Three Years
E J Pullinger S R Williams M W Buchan K D Shah
649 2009 Safety and Environment – Lessons Learnt and Future Challenges for the Fertiliser Industry. 26th Francis New Memorial Lecture
T K Jenssen
650 2009 A Company Review of Manufacturing Operations in Response to the Findings of the Baker Report
C P Lynas E Campbell H J Koornhof J R Brightling
672 2010 Decommissioning and Demolition of an Ammonium Nitrate Fertiliser Complex
K D Shah C Blackman
673 2010 Process Safety in the Fertiliser Industry
P Eames J R Brightling
674 2010 A Fertiliser Company Approach to Improving Process Safety Performance
J-P Fossum H Navsaria
693 2011 Strategies for Workforce Replacement in a Dynamic Business and Regulatory Environment
R Pfaff
694 2011 Risk Based Inspection Implementation: Increasing Plant Safety and Reliability
G Franceschini
706 2012 Fertiliser Product Stewardship Program. The European and Global Experience
J B Hansen B Muirheid
721 2013 Applications of Laser Gas Detection in the Fertiliser Industry
H Adam J Selby L Harper
722 2013 Developments in Fertiliser Security
E J Pullinger
745 2014 Detection and Localisation of Leakages in Toxic/Flammable Chemicals Pipelines Using Distributed Fibre Optic Sensors
D Inaudi R de Bont R Walder
749 2014 First Practical Experience with Robot Inspection of Ammonia Storage Tanks
K Bakli O N Mortensen C Valand
785 2016 Benchmarking: An Important Milestone in the Journey Towards Process Safety Management Excellence
C Pridy
786 2016 Transforming Vehicle Safety at a Primary Fertiliser Producer in the UK
D Phelan
803 2017 Changes, challenges, and opportunities in fertiliser-manufacturing processes: A personal review and outlook
J G Reuvers
807 2017 Distributed control system implemented at a UK fertiliser complex: past, present and future
A Southerton
808 2017 Classification and security legislation updates affecting fertiliser industry
K D Shah A Hoxha

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