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R Baas
532 2003 On-line Monitoring of Protected Crops and their Environment: Towards the Speaking Plant
H-T Baechle
226 1984 Cadmium Compounds in Mineral Fertilisers
J S Bailey
343 1993 Sustainable Fertiliser Use
M R Bailey
383 1996 Safe Operation of Fertiliser Plants
636 2008 Industrial Symbiosis: Nationally Co-ordinated By-Product Use and Nutrient Recycling
B Bain
617 2007 Use of Potassium Fertilisers: Global Trends and Balances
H K Baker
198 1981 Meat Production - The Role of Fertilisers
L R Bakken
759 2014 Effect of Soil pH on Emissions of Nitrous Oxide
K Bakli
749 2014 First Practical Experience with Robot Inspection of Ammonia Storage Tanks
P L Baldwin
79 1963 An Automatic Sampler for Granular Materials
172 1978 Improving the Implementation of Fertiliser Projects in Developing Countries - Some Suggestions
J Balendonck
682 2010 Fertigation Management Using Soil Sensor Controls in Field Cropping, with Flow-Aid Case Study
B Ball
736 2013 Soil Structure and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
P Balmér
591 2006 Removing Phosphorus from Municipal Waste Water before Its Discharge to Watercourse
A Baniel
99 1967 Potassium Nitrate
P Banik
820 2018 Fluidised bed granulation of ammonium sulphate – a new process
D L Banquy
117 1970 Economic Comparison Between Steam Reforming and Partial Oxidation for Ammonia Production
K S Barclay
85 1965 Ammonium Nitrate: Manufacture and Use
K J Barnett
216 1983 Granulation of Ammonium Phosphates - Recent Experiences
P B Barraclough
419 1998 Assessment of Some Spatially Variable Soil Factors Limiting Crop Yields
735 2013 Review of Phosphorus Fertiliser Advice in Europe: Soil Testing, Calibration and Recommendations
A Bar-Tal
527 2003 Nutrition of Protected Fruit Vegetables
I R Barton
484 2001 Energy Audits of Fertiliser Production Plants
M Basten
723 2013 Fertiliser Phosphorus Diffusion and Availability: Recent Work on Movement in Soil
N Beaudoin
719 2012 Cover Crops to Reduce Nitrate Leaching. Effect on Water and Nitrogen Balance and other Ecosystem Services
F A Becker
211 1982 Nitrogen Fertilisation and Methods of Predicting the N Requirements of Winter Wheat in the Federal Republic of Germany
D Bedford
177 1978 A Case Study in Automatic Packaging
A Benchekroun
363 1995 Future of the World Phosphate Industry
F W Bennett
104 1968 Determination of Water in Fertiliser Materials by Microwave Absorption
156 1976 Effluent Problems in Fertiliser Manufacture - A Review
G Bennett
710 2012 Nitrous Oxide Emissions Associated with Nitrogen Use on Arable Crops in England
F Bentrup
751 2014 Assessing the Carbon Footprint of Fertilisers, at Production and Full LCA
Blanche Benzian
94 1966 Manuring Young Conifers: Experiments in Some English Nurseries
H Beringer
288 1989 Fertilisers and Grass Quality
328 1992 Environmental Aspects of Potash Needs, Use and Production
J E Beringer
205 1981 Role of Biological Nitrogen Fixation in UK Agriculture
M P Bernal
631 2008 Compost: Production, Use and Impact on Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles
M H Bernicot
809 2017 Effect of variety on nitrogen use efficiency of bread-wheat: from breeding programs to farm practice
P M Berry
697 2011 Yield Potential of Combinable Crops in the UK
778 2015 Is Inadequate Rooting Limiting Resource Capture and Yield?
798 2016 Updating National Nitrogen Fertiliser Recommendations for Cereals and Oilseed Rape
A Berthoud
728 2013 Comparison of the Environmental Impact of Three Forms of Nitrogen Fertiliser
G Bertilsson
287 1989 Nitrogen Transformations and Nitrogen Balances in Scandinavian Soils
332 1992 Environmental Consequences of Different Farming Systems using Good Agricultural Practices
P Bertuzzi
719 2012 Cover Crops to Reduce Nitrate Leaching. Effect on Water and Nitrogen Balance and other Ecosystem Services
P K Bhattacharjee
452 2000 Advances in Gas Cleaning Technology in the Fertiliser Industry
A Bhogal
790 2016 Crop Available Nitrogen Supply from Food-based Digestate
M Bignon
117 1970 Energy Balance Considerations for Naphtha Based Ammonia Plants - Review
E A Bijpost
584 2006 New Developments in Fertiliser Coatings
P S Bindraban
665 2009 Need for Agro-Ecological Intelligence to Limit Trade-offs between Global Food, Feed and Fuel
686 2010 Enhancing Use of Rainwater for Meat Production on Grasslands: An Ecological Opportunity Towards Food Security
750 2014 Towards Fertilisers for Improved Uptake by Plants
802 2017 Role of fertilisers for climate-resilient agriculture
T S Birkmose
656 2009 Nitrogen Recovery from Organic Manures: Improved Slurry Application Techniques and Treatment - the Danish Scenario
B K Birky
752 2014 Life Cycle Management of Phosphogypsum Stacks
E Birox
283 1989 Gas Scrubbing System in the Granulating Plant for PK and NPK Fertilisers - Experiences in an Existing Installation
G Bischofberger
91 1966 NPK Fertiliser Production Using Superphosphoric Acid
A Biskupski
512 2003 Nitrogen and Phosphate Fertiliser Industries in Poland
C Bissuel
661 2009 Methods for Determining the Nitrogen Fertiliser Requirements of Some Major Arable Crops
V Bizzotto
334 1993 Design and Operation of a Safe and Environmentally Friendly Nitrogen Fertiliser Plant - Eighteenth Francis New Lecture
C Blackman
672 2010 Decommissioning and Demolition of an Ammonium Nitrate Fertiliser Complex
G J Blair
498 2002 Sulphur Fertilisers: A Global Perspective
T Blair
197 1981 Milk Production - The Role of Fertilisers
L Blake
754 2014 Assessment and Prediction of Nitrogen Mineralisation and its Effect on Crop Productivity
M M A Blake-Kalff
497 2002 History and Outlook for Sulphur Fertilisers In Europe
499 2002 Sulphur in Soils: Processes, Behaviour and Measurement
503 2002 Sulphur Deficiency Diagnosis Using Plant Tissue Analysis
504 2002 Crop Responses to Sulphur Fertilisation in Europe
754 2014 Assessment and Prediction of Nitrogen Mineralisation and its Effect on Crop Productivity
J A Bland
119 1970 Control of Fertiliser Granulation Plants
J M Blanken
259 1987 The Ammonia Industry: Thoughts about the Past, Present and Future
K L Blaxter
105 1968 Fertilisers and Animal Production
I Blazsek
788 2016 Improvements in Nitrogen Addition to the Fertiliser Production Flowsheet
O Blonder
680 2010 Treatment and Use of Wastewater for Agricultural Irrigation
Ruth Blumberg
151 1975 Newer Developments in Cleaning Wet Process Phosphoric Acid
R Blumberg
99 1967 Potassium Nitrate
O Bøckman
360 1994 Best Agricultural Practice for the Protection of Air
S M Boden
62 1960 Determination of Trace Elements in Fertilisers
S M Bolton
695 2011 Crop Nutrition and Sustainable Intensification
T Bonde
408 1997 A Shared Responsibility for Food Production & the Environment - Keynote Address & Discussion - 6th Int. Conference
W H Bonser
58 1959 Automatic Weighing Equipment for the Fertiliser Industry
R Boon
211 1982 Intensive Wheat Production as Related to Nitrogen Fertilisation, Crop Protection and Soil Nitrogen: Experience in the Benelux
C D Børgesen
703 2011 Nitrogen Utilisation in Farming Systems: Optimisation to Minimise Losses
K Börling
774 2015 Fertilisation for Optimised Yield can Minimise Nitrate Leaching in Grain Production
R Borromei
206 1982 Experience of Pumps for Severe Duties in Urea Plant Service
J F F P Bos
595 2006 Need And Opportunities To Reduce Phosphorus Inputs, Soil Supply and Loss from Agriculture in The Netherlands
624 2008 Relationships Between Nutrient Recycling, Environmental Impacts and Agricultural Production
C Bosshard
652 2009 Impact of Soil Microbial Biomass and Fertiliser Source on Nitrogen Use Efficiency
L E Bostwick
112 1969 Kellogg-Lopker Phosphoric Acid Process
P Botschek
428 1998 Precision Agriculture - Practical Applications of New Technologies - Keynote Address & Discussion - 7th Int. Conference
C Bould
139 1974 Some Effects of Fertilisers on Food Quality and Flavour
V Bourgier
780 2016 Evaporation / Crystallisation Challenges in the Fertiliser Market
P C Bourne
325 1992 Nitrogen Immobilisation and Leaching in Pasture Soils
A Bouthier
760 2014 Comparison of Urea and Ammonium Nitrate in Long-Term Trials: Synthesis of Ten Years of Experimentation
J L Bovens
320 1992 Carnit Ammonium Nitrate Process
D A Boyd
65 1961 Current Fertiliser Practice in Relation to Manurial Requirements
R Boyd
234 1985 Economics of World Sulphur Supply to the End of the Century
J K Bradley
200 1981 Nitric Acid Technology
M S A Bradley
547 2004 Non-Segregating Blended Fertiliser Development: A New Predictive Test for Optimising Granulometry
554 2005 Segregation of Blended Fertiliser During Spreading: The Effect of Differences in Ballistic Properties
600 2007 Segregation During Fertiliser Handling: Occurrence, Assessment and Control
W A Brandenburg
572 2005 Salinisation and its Effect on Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency: Opportunities for Genetic Improvements
634 2008 Marine Algal Biomass for Energy Regeneration and Possible Phosphorus Recovery
T J Brans
195 1980 Computer Controlled Analysis- Development and Use of a System
J A Breembroek
440 1999 Nutrient Record-Keeping and Reporting for Legislation, Crop Assurance and Traceability
B A Brentnall
373 1995 Changing Patterns of Trade and Commercial Activity
625 2008 Fertiliser Supply and Demand: Outlook for Costs and Availabilities
F Brentrup
639 2008 GHG Emissions and Energy Efficiency in European Nitrogen Fertiliser Production and Use
687 2011 LCA to Assess the Environmental Impact of Different Fertilisers and Agricultural Systems
B Brežný
819 2018 Construction of a calcium nitrate plant in the Czech Republic
I A Bridle
547 2004 Non-Segregating Blended Fertiliser Development: A New Predictive Test for Optimising Granulometry
J Bries
619 2007 Potassium and Magnesium in Manures and Organic By-Products
J R Brightling
650 2009 A Company Review of Manufacturing Operations in Response to the Findings of the Baker Report
673 2010 Process Safety in the Fertiliser Industry
747 2014 Ammonia Technology Development from Haber-Bosch to Current Times
M Brink
393 1996 Regulatory Control of Fertilisers
D T Britto
605 2007 Mechanisms of Potassium Transport in Plants
A T Britton
765 2015 Recovery of Phosphate as Struvite from Wastewater Streams
M R Broadley
568 2005 Genetic Modifications to Improve Phosphorus Acquisition by Roots
794 2016 Managing Soils to Alleviate Dietary Micronutrient Deficiencies in Southern Africa: Possibilities and Knowledge Gaps
J S Brockman
142 1974 Quantity and Timing of Fertiliser N for Grass and Grass/Clover Swards
A T Brook
11 1950 Fertiliser Packaging (The Development of the Paper Sack)
47 1957 Developments in Granulation Techniques
S M Brouder
609 2007 Impact of Climate Change on Crop Nutrient and Water Use Efficiencies
M J Brouwer
495 2002 Urea Production Technology: Recent Developments
770 2015 World-Wide Trends in Urea Process Technologies
A M Brown
294 1990 Granular Ammonium Sulphate - Past, Present & Future
A M M Brown
117 1970 Storage and Handling Costs for Anhydrous Ammonia in Relation to Variable Off Take and Stockholding
F C Brown
117 1970 Effect of Economic and Site Factors on Technical Design Parameters in Ammonia Plant Design
184 1979 Coal Gasification - Routes to Ammonia and Methanol
210 1982 Criteria for Selecting CO2 Removal Processes
218 1983 Ammonia Plant Preferences in the 1980s
Gregory N Brown
380 1996 Ammonium Sulphate: An Innovative Process for Production
G G Brown
96 1967 Production and Properties of Basic Slag
223 1984 Fertiliser Packaging in Unit Loads: Including the Development and Use of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers
I A Brownlie
162 1977 Developments in Ammonium Phosphate Technology
H Bruchholz
150 1975 Influence of Long-Term Potash Fertilising on Soil and Crops
J P Bruynseels
235 1985 Fluid Bed Granulation of Ammonium Nitrate and Calcium Ammonium Nitrate
D D Bryson
228 1984 Nitrates and Health
R J Bryson
577 2005 Improvement in Farm and Nutrient Management through Precision Farming
M W Buchan
597 2007 Fertiliser Security and Traceability - The UK Approach
644 2009 UK Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme: Review of First Three Years
A E R Budd
169 1978 Catalytic Processes in Nitric Acid Manufacture
A L Budden
418 1998 Soil Analysis Techniques - The Need to Combine Precision with Accuracy
T Buennagel
787 2016 Targeting Improving Performance and Conversion Efficiency in Nitric Acid Plants
A Buet
728 2013 Comparison of the Environmental Impact of Three Forms of Nitrogen Fertiliser
A Bulad
680 2010 Treatment and Use of Wastewater for Agricultural Irrigation
D A Bull
241 1985 Fertiliser Spreading Mechanisms and their Performance in Practice
W Burchill
815 2017 Ammonia emissions from pasture-based production systems: a collation of Irish research
I G Burns
526 2003 Nutrition of Protected Leaf Vegetables
J A Busby
169 1978 Catalytic Processes in Nitric Acid Manufacture
D W Bussink
755 2014 Improved Phosphorus Fertilisation Based on Better Prediction of Availability in Soil
W Bussink
548 2004 Soil and Tissue Testing for Micronutrient Status

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