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M B Caesar
192 1980 The Oxy Hemihydrate Phosphoric Acid Process
I Cakmak
552 2004 Identification and Correction of Widespread Zinc Deficiency in Turkey - A Success Story (A NATO-Science for Stability Project)
611 2007 Role of Potassium in Alleviating Abiotic Stress
612 2007 Role of Magnesium Nutrition in Growth and Stress Tolerance
A G Calver
63 1960 Design of Void Spray Towers for Silicon Tetrafluoride Absorption
M Calvert
361 1994 Future Needs for Best Practices in Fertiliser Manufacturing and Agriculture
R Calzavara
491 2002 National and European Regulations for Fertiliser Products
641 2008 Plant Nutrients from Organic Industrial By-Products
E Campbell
650 2009 A Company Review of Manufacturing Operations in Response to the Findings of the Baker Report
G W Campbell
378 1996 Spatial and Temporal Trends in Atmospheric Sulphur Deposition to Agricultural Surfaces in the United Kingdom
R S N Carne
406 1997 Product Stewardship (Fertilisers)
R Carolan
793 2016 Effects of Urease and Nitrification Inhibitors on Yields and Emissions in Grassland and Spring Barley
L J Carpentier
29 1954 Agricultural Factors of Northern Africa and their Relation to Fertilisation
J B C Carr
68 1961 Water and Effluent: The Law and the Practice
A Carstensen
738 2013 Testing for Plant Available Phosphorus in Soils
811 2017 Developments in the use of chlorophyll a fluorescence to diagnose phosphorus deficiency in plants
L Carter
156 1976 Effects of Waste Chemicals from the Manufacture of Fertilisers on the Marine Environment
R W R Carter
110 1969 Production of Ammonium Nitrate including Handling and Safety
A E Cascino
107 1969 Modern Methods for Promoting the Sale of Fertilisers
A Castro
500 2002 Sulphur in Plant Physiology
A G Chalmers
437 1999 Design, Development and Use of a National Survey of Fertiliser Applications
487 2001 Reducing Fertiliser Inputs: Endangering Arable Soil Fertility?
B J Chambers
657 2009 Nitrogen Efficiency and Ammonia Emissions from Urea-based and Ammonium Nitrate Fertilisers
W C T Chamen
678 2010 Controlled Traffic Farming to Improve Soil Structure and Crop Productivity
L Champolivier
760 2014 Comparison of Urea and Ammonium Nitrate in Long-Term Trials: Synthesis of Ten Years of Experimentation
W Chardon
717 2012 Phosphorus Fertilisers from By-Products and Wastes
R Charles
719 2012 Cover Crops to Reduce Nitrate Leaching. Effect on Water and Nitrogen Balance and other Ecosystem Services
W T Charlton
138 1973 The Shipment of Phosphatic Materials - Some Technical and Economic Aspects
Prof. J Chatt
155 1976 Nitrogen Fixation - Future Prospects
M Chauhan
710 2012 Nitrous Oxide Emissions Associated with Nitrogen Use on Arable Crops in England
J V Cheetham
669 2010 Official Sampling of Bulk Fertiliser Supplies
Y Chen
470 2001 Plant Growth Stimulation by Humic Substances and their Complexes with Iron
D C-H Cheng
514 2003 Fluid Fertilisers: Development of Procedures to Characterise their Physical Properties
H A G Chermin
166 1977 Urea Stripping Process - Stripping Technology, Phase Equilibria and Thermodynamics
P Chinal
245 1986 Dual Pipe Reactor Process for DAP, NP and NPK Production
G C Chinchen
171 1978 Industrial Heterogeneous Catalysis - Some Aspects
B Christensen
355 1994 Best Available Techniques in Fertiliser Production
751 2014 Assessing the Carbon Footprint of Fertilisers, at Production and Full LCA
B T Christensen
761 2014 Comparing Heavy Metal Contents in Crops Receiving Mineral Fertilisers and Animal Manure
J F D Chys
585 2006 Ammonium Nitrate Transport: Accidents and Investigations
C E Clapp
470 2001 Plant Growth Stimulation by Humic Substances and their Complexes with Iron
W D Clark
32 1955 Chemistry and Metallurgy of Corrosion of Metals by Fertiliser Materials
D L Clarke
122 1971 Corrosion of Phosphoric Acid Plants
S M Clarke
798 2016 Updating National Nitrogen Fertiliser Recommendations for Cereals and Oilseed Rape
T J Cleaver
145 1974 Fertiliser Requirements of Vegetable Crops
J Clemens
640 2008 Non-Metallic Contaminants in Domestic Waste, Wastewater and Manures: Constraints to Agricultural Use
Prof. R Clift
375 1995 Life Cycle Assessment for Food Production Systems
J Cloy
736 2013 Soil Structure and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
W H Coates
26 1953 Flash Roasting
144 1974 Contemporary Production and Related Problems of the British Fertiliser Industry - A Survey
E C Cocking
814 2017 The greener nitrogen revolution: cereal and other non-legume crop symbiotic nitrogen fixation
J-P Cohan
809 2017 Effect of variety on nitrogen use efficiency of bread-wheat: from breeding programs to farm practice
F Cointault
555 2005 Photographic Imaging Systems to Measure Fertiliser Granule Velocity During Spreading
M Collin
748 2014 Management of Fluorine in Phosphoric Acid Production
M G J A Collin
766 2015 Uranium Extraction from Phosphoric Acid: The Experience of Prayon
C Collins
418 1998 Soil Analysis Techniques - The Need to Combine Precision with Accuracy
R Collins
282 1989 Gas Cleaning in the Fertiliser Industry
Richard M Collins
9 1950 Mining and Preparation of Florida Land Pebble Phosphate
H R Conan
62 1960 Determination of Potassium
J G Conijn
633 2008 Sustainability Aspects of Biofuel Production
686 2010 Enhancing Use of Rainwater for Meat Production on Grasslands: An Ecological Opportunity Towards Food Security
G Connors
316 1992 Transport of Fertilisers by Ship and Barge
J Constantin
719 2012 Cover Crops to Reduce Nitrate Leaching. Effect on Water and Nitrogen Balance and other Ecosystem Services
G W Cooke
6 1949 Fertiliser Placement
27 1954 Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilisers in North-Western Europe
80 1964 Nitrogen Fertilisers: Their Place in Food Production, the Forms which are made and their Efficiencies
92 1966 Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilisers: Their Forms and Their Places in Agriculture
121 1971 Fertilisers and Society - Seventh Francis New Lecture
190 1980 Changes in Fertiliser Use in the UK from 1950 to 1980
D Cordell
685 2010 Future Supply of Phosphorus in Agriculture and the Need to Maximise Efficiency of Use and Reuse
W J Corré
511 2003 Energy Use in Conventional and Organic Farming Systems
633 2008 Sustainability Aspects of Biofuel Production
P A Costigan
274 1988 Placement of Starter Fertilisers to Improve the Early Growth of Drilled and Transplanted Vegetables
Y Cotonea
245 1986 Dual Pipe Reactor Process for DAP, NP and NPK Production
L Couette
149 1975 New Developments in Handling and Application of Solid Fertilisers
M J Cousins
788 2016 Improvements in Nitrogen Addition to the Fertiliser Production Flowsheet
J W Couston
83 1964 Future Fertiliser Requirements of Developing Countries and Crop Response to Fertiliser in these Countries
J Coutinho
775 2015 Acid Treatment of Animal Slurries: Potential and Limitations
S Cowell
375 1995 Life Cycle Assessment for Food Production Systems
G A Cowie
22 1953 Potash Utilisation in Agriculture
J A Craven
142 1974 Economics of Nitrogen Fertiliser on Grassland for Milk and Meat Production
P Craven
45 1957 Some Investigations into the Application of Radio-Isotope Techniques to Fertiliser Production
62 1960 Determination of Phosphorus
M J Crawley
486 2001 Inputs of Nutrients and Lime for the Maintenance of Fertility of Grassland Soils
J D Crerar
138 1973 The Shipment of Phosphatic Materials - Some Technical and Economic Aspects
B T Croll
359 1994 Nitrate - Best Agricultural Practice for Water
L Cross
730 2013 Impact of Shale Gas on the Fertiliser Market
J M Crowe
241 1985 Fertiliser Spreading Mechanisms and their Performance in Practice
E M Crowther
5 1949 Condition in Fertilisers
17 1952 American Fertiliser Practice and Problems
I R Crute
695 2011 Crop Nutrition and Sustainable Intensification
M Cryans
643 2009 EU Climate Policy and Emission Trading: Challenges for the European Fertiliser Industry
690 2011 European Emissions Trading Scheme Phase III and the EU Fertiliser Industry
T A Cuin
606 2007 Potassium Transporters and Plant Salt Tolerance
H U Cunningham
56 1959 Concentration (of fertilisers) - First Francis New Memorial Lecture
Y Curnel
812 2017 Crop spectral reflectance to support decision making on crop nutrition
D Curtin
264 1987 Soil and Fertiliser Sulphur in UK Agriculture
J Curtoys
408 1997 A Shared Responsibility for Food Production & the Environment - Keynote Address & Discussion - 6th Int. Conference
S P Cuttle
325 1992 Nitrogen Immobilisation and Leaching in Pasture Soils
V Czikkely
490 2002 Official Analytical Methods and Legal Tolerances for Fertilisers in Europe

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