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P Eames
673 2010 Process Safety in the Fertiliser Industry
J Ebenhöch
626 2008 'Reach' Regulations: Impact on the European Fertiliser Industry
C Edeleanu
100 1967 Non-Metallic Materials in Fertiliser Plant and Equipment
A C Edwards
404 1997 Are Current Fertiliser Recommendation Systems for Phosphorus Adequate
592 2006 Phosphate Rock: Using Biological Processes to Increase Its Effectiveness as a Fertiliser
Frank W Edwards
67 1961 Developments in Phosphoric Acid Manufacture
H Effland
211 1982 Nitrogen Fertilisation and its Interaction with other Cultural Measures: Experience in the Federal Republic of Germany
P A I Ehlert
593 2006 Long-Term Effect on Soil of Restricted Use of Phosphate Fertilisers
716 2012 Agronomic Potential of Mineral Concentrate from Processed Manure as Fertiliser
717 2012 Phosphorus Fertilisers from By-Products and Wastes
735 2013 Review of Phosphorus Fertiliser Advice in Europe: Soil Testing, Calibration and Recommendations
J M G Eijkenboom
770 2015 World-Wide Trends in Urea Process Technologies
O J Eilertsen
354 1994 Best Practice from Factory to Farm - Keynote Address and Discussion 3rd Int. Conf. Dec. 1994
394 1996 Fertilisers from Factory to Farm - Keynote Address and Discussion - 5th Int. Conf. Dec. 1996
M Eisinger
532 2003 Monitoring of Nutrients and Water in Closed (Recycled) Systems for Ornamentals
P Ekholm
467 2001 Selenium Inclusion in Fertilisers to Correct an Inadequate National Dietary Intake
A Elings
525 2003 Crop Nutrient Requirements and Management in Protected Cultivation
K J Elkins
319 1992 Development & Operation of the Leading Concept Ammonia (LCA) Technology
G V Ellis
183 1979 Energy Conservation in a Large Chemical Company
M A Elsayed
510 2003 Biodiesel and Bioethanol: Energy and Carbon Balances of Biofuels Production
L Elsgaard
761 2014 Comparing Heavy Metal Contents in Crops Receiving Mineral Fertilisers and Animal Manure
Th Engels
287 1989 Nitrogen Utilisation in Relation to N- Fertilisation
V P England
137 1973 Safety Systems and Legal Requirements
J Eriksen
505 2002 Organic Manures as Sources of Fertiliser Sulphur
J W Erisman
664 2009 Integrating Nitrogen Use and Food Production with Environmental Expectations
N Eryüce
522 2003 Nutrient Management in Protected Cropping in Turkey
A Escobar-Gutierrez
526 2003 Nutrition of Protected Leaf Vegetables
A Etana
740 2013 Effects of Soil Compaction and Tillage on Nutrient Availability and Crop Productivity
G W Ettle
5 1949 Some Chemical Aspects of Ammonium Sulphate Production
H N Evans
321 1992 Computer Integrated Manufacturing in the 1990s
T D Evans
409 1998 Agricultural Use of Biosolids (Sewage Sludge)
635 2008 Nutrient and Carbon Recovery from Household and Food Biowastes
Ph Eveillard
661 2009 Methods for Determining the Nitrogen Fertiliser Requirements of Some Major Arable Crops
760 2014 Comparison of Urea and Ammonium Nitrate in Long-Term Trials: Synthesis of Ten Years of Experimentation
791 2016 Effect on Soil Nutrient Status of Input/Output Balances for Phosphate and Potassium in France

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