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J D Pach
601 2007 Ammonia Production: Energy Efficiency, CO2 Balances and Environmental Impact
671 2010 By-Product Formation in Ammonia Plants
W G T Packard
19 1952 History of the Fertiliser Industry in Britain
B F Pain
298 1990 Ammonia Volatilisation from Agricultural Land
632 2008 Anaerobic Digestion of Farm Manures and Other Products for Energy Recovery and Nutrient Recycling
D A Palgrave
236 1985 Fluid Fertilisers in the 1980s
514 2003 Fluid Fertilisers: Development of Procedures to Characterise their Physical Properties
559 2005 Solution Fertilisers: The Crucial Properties
C Pallière
639 2008 GHG Emissions and Energy Efficiency in European Nitrogen Fertiliser Production and Use
643 2009 EU Climate Policy and Emission Trading: Challenges for the European Fertiliser Industry
690 2011 European Emissions Trading Scheme Phase III and the EU Fertiliser Industry
751 2014 Assessing the Carbon Footprint of Fertilisers, at Production and Full LCA
R Pandya-Lorch
460 2001 Prospects for Food Demand and Supply Towards 2020
A L Papadopoulos
55 1959 Mechanism of Granule Formation
J Paprocki
512 2003 Nitrogen and Phosphate Fertiliser Industries in Poland
M N Park
214 1983 Manufacturing versus Importing; a Techno-Economic Review of the Outlook for the West European Phosphate Industry
M L Parker
209 1982 Recent Experiences in Phosphoric Acid Production by Hemihydrate Routes
248 1986 Relative Merits of Different Filters for Hemihydrate Filtration
C S Parkin
557 2005 Procedures for Classifying the Physical Qualities of Fertilisers
J J Parkins
466 2001 Fertiliser Usage and the Mineral Requirements of Grazing Livestock
V Parnaudeau
661 2009 Methods for Determining the Nitrogen Fertiliser Requirements of Some Major Arable Crops
K Parris
442 1999 Measuring the Environmental Impacts of Agriculture: Use and Management of Nutrients
J A Pascal
60 1960 Current Agricultural Techniques for the Broadcast Application of Fertilisers
R I O Passmore
58 1959 Use of Weighing Equipment in the Fertiliser Industry
Rex Paterson
32 1955 Fertiliser Distribution - Problems of Corrosion Prevention on the Farm
J B E Patterson
62 1960 Determination of Trace Elements in Fertilisers
M Pawlett
698 2011 Enhancing Phosphorus Recovery from Sewage Sludge Application to Arable Land
A D S Peat
225 1984 Automatic Packing of Fertilisers
P Pedas
756 2014 Chlorophyll a Fluorescence - a Novel Tool for Diagnosis of Manganese Deficiency in Crops
C A Pedersen
300 1990 Practical Measures to Reduce Nutrient Loss from the Arable/Field Vegetable Farm
G C Pedersen
452 2000 Advances in Gas Cleaning Technology in the Fertiliser Industry
J D Pedersen
447 2000 Maintenance in Manufacturing Plant: Turnaround Planning and Monitoring
Y Pelovski
364 1995 Partially Acidulated Phosphates - Production, Agronomic and Environmental Aspects
R Perander
361 1994 Future Needs for Best Practices in Fertiliser Manufacturing and Agriculture
G Perbal
124 1971 Thermal Stability of Fertilisers Containing Ammonium Nitrate
137 1973 Safety of Products and Raw Materials
M Perelli
491 2002 National and European Regulations for Fertiliser Products
641 2008 Plant Nutrients from Organic Industrial By-Products
J Peret
804 2017 Phosphogypsum stacking: A new approach and case study
W Perkins
119 1970 Control of Fertiliser Granulation Plants
K Persson
389 1996 Interactions between Fertilisers and Spreaders
424 1998 Physical Qualities of Fertilisers and Variable Rate Spreading - Interactions
816 2017 The improvement of centrifugal fertiliser spreaders for precision application control
O Pettersson
341 1993 Agriculture, Ecology and Society
W T Pettigrew
614 2007 Potassium Influence on Crop Yield and Quality
T R Pettitt
531 2003 Fertigation: Developments in Pathogen Removal from Recycled Water
J-B Peudpièce
515 2003 Ammonium Nitrate Production Using a Pipe Reactor: Experiences over 10 Years
R Pfaff
693 2011 Strategies for Workforce Replacement in a Dynamic Business and Regulatory Environment
D Phelan
786 2016 Transforming Vehicle Safety at a Primary Fertiliser Producer in the UK
D W Philip
244 1986 Adapting a Pipe Reactor to a Blunger for NPK Production
271 1988 On-Line Data Logging for NPK Plants
G Phillips
679 2010 Defining Good Ecological Status of Water, as Required by the European Water Framework Directive
M R Phillips
547 2004 Non-Segregating Blended Fertiliser Development: A New Predictive Test for Optimising Granulometry
T D Phillips
214 1983 Manufacturing versus Importing; a Techno-Economic Review of the Outlook for the West European Phosphate Industry
234 1985 Economics of World Sulphur Supply to the End of the Century
J Pichler
784 2016 Potential for Post-Production Segregation of Blended Fertilisers
L Pietola
741 2013 Gypsum to Improve Soil Structure and to Reduce Phosphorus Loss
J C Pinder
68 1961 Water and Effluent: The Law and the Practice
P Pinstrup-Andersen
460 2001 Prospects for Food Demand and Supply Towards 2020
A Pinto
260 1987 Twenty Five Years in 'Small' Ammonia Plant Technology
319 1992 Development & Operation of the Leading Concept Ammonia (LCA) Technology
C R Pipe
32 1955 Corrosion of Steels in Relation to Fertiliser Chemicals
G Piringer
784 2016 Potential for Post-Production Segregation of Blended Fertilisers
E Piron
556 2005 Centrifugal Fertiliser Spreaders: A New Method for their Evaluation and Testing
N H Pizer
44 1957 Fertilisers in Solution
S Plainchamp
804 2017 Phosphogypsum stacking: A new approach and case study
M Plunkett
739 2013 Phosphorus Fertiliser Applications to Cereals: Comparing Different Methods for Phosphorus Use Efficiency
M H R J Plusjé
13 1951 Theory and Practice in the Treatment of Phosphate Rock with Nitric Acid
S Pockelé
558 2005 Introduction to Guidelines for the Production and Handling of Blended Fertilisers
G J Poesse
242 1985 Future Trends in Fertiliser Handling and Application
H Poilvé
420 1998 Remote Sensing for Precision Soil and Crop Management
J J Porter
21 1953 Manufacture of Triple Superphosphate
S J Porter
61 1960 Rotary Coolers and Driers - Some Related Aspects of Design
J R Potter
114 1970 Economic Considerations in the Choice of Fertiliser Process Routes
P R Poulton
419 1998 Assessment of Some Spatially Variable Soil Factors Limiting Crop Yields
465 2001 Phosphorus, Potassium and Sulphur Cycles in Agricultural Soils
486 2001 Inputs of Nutrients and Lime for the Maintenance of Fertility of Grassland Soils
487 2001 Reducing Fertiliser Inputs: Endangering Arable Soil Fertility?
565 2005 Soil Organic Matter: Its Importance in Sustainable Agricultural Systems
651 2009 Nitrogen in Agriculture: An Overview and Definitions of Nitrogen Use Efficiency
757 2014 Changing Concepts for the Efficient Use of Phosphorus in Agriculture
792 2016 Potassium Management in Soils and Crops: A Review
D S Powlson
402 1997 Integrating Agricultural Nutrient Management with Environmental Objectives - Current State & Future Prospects
S Praud
809 2017 Effect of variety on nitrogen use efficiency of bread-wheat: from breeding programs to farm practice
J F Priat
245 1986 Dual Pipe Reactor Process for DAP, NP and NPK Production
J Price
289 1989 Nutritive Value of Grass in Relation to Mineral Deficiencies and Imbalances in the Ruminant
O W T Price
120 1971 Role of the World Bank in Agricultural Development
C Pridy
785 2016 Benchmarking: An Important Milestone in the Journey Towards Process Safety Management Excellence
A J Prince
666 2009 Nitrogen Fertiliser Supply and Demand - Balances, Outlook and Drivers of Change
W H Prins
199 1981 Nitrogen and Intensification of Livestock Farming in EEC Countries
276 1988 Current Recommendations for Nitrogen Fertilisation within the EEC in Relation to Nitrate Leaching
J T Procter
7 1949 Slurry Dispersion Methods for the Granulation of Superphosphate Fertilisers
G Provolo
735 2013 Review of Phosphorus Fertiliser Advice in Europe: Soil Testing, Calibration and Recommendations
M P R Prud'homme
586 2006 Phosphorus Fertilisation: Issues and Outlook
E J Pullinger
644 2009 UK Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme: Review of First Three Years
722 2013 Developments in Fertiliser Security

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