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No. Year Description
1 1947 Fertilisers and Food, A Retrospect and Prospect
Sir E John Russell
2 1947 Granulation of Phosphatic Fertiliser - Theory and Practice
Sven Nordengren
3 1948 Role of Fertilisers in the National Economy
W G Ogg
4 1948 An Introduction to the Work of the Tennessee Valley Authority
A E Sell
4 1948 T.V.A. Phosphatic Fertiliser Technology
E P Hudson
5 1949 Condition in Fertilisers
E M Crowther
5 1949 Studies in the Caking of Fertilisers
G R Davies J R Ditcham W S Greaves
5 1949 Wood Meal as a Conditioning Agent in Mixed Fertiliser
K A Sherwin
5 1949 Some Chemical Aspects of Ammonium Sulphate Production
G W Ettle
6 1949 Fertiliser Placement
G W Cooke
7 1949 Slurry Dispersion Methods for the Granulation of Superphosphate Fertilisers
J T Procter
8 1950 Role of Fertilisers in Increasing Output from Grassland
R A Hamilton
9 1950 Mining and Preparation of Florida Land Pebble Phosphate
Richard M Collins
9 1950 Fertiliser Technology Research in the United States Department of Agriculture
K D Jacob
10 1950 Production of Micronutrient Deficiencies in Plants Grown in Sand Culture and the Effects of some of these Deficiencies on Plant Growth
Eric J Hewitt
10 1950 Uses of Aspergillus Niger for Determining Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Molybdenum and Manganese in Soil and Plants
D J D Nicholas
11 1950 Fertiliser Packaging (The Development of the Paper Sack)
A T Brook
12 1950 Fertiliser Utilization with Special Reference to Phosphates
A B Stewart
13 1951 Theory and Practice in the Treatment of Phosphate Rock with Nitric Acid
M H R J Plusjé
14 1951 Research on the Production of Phosphate Fertilisers at the Chemical Research Laboratory
M Reynolds
15 1951 Sulphuric Acid and Cement from Anhydrite
John Manning
16 1952 Recent Advances in N.P.K. Analysis
J H Hamence
16 1952 Determination of Potassium in Fertilisers - Review of Methods
R Donald
16 1952 Photometric Determination of Potassium in Fertilisers using Dipicrylamine
W C Hanson
17 1952 American Fertiliser Practice and Problems
E M Crowther
18 1952 Some Aspects of Mechanical Handling in the Fertiliser Industry
J P A McDonald
19 1952 History of the Fertiliser Industry in Britain
W G T Packard
20 1952 Mining and Preparation of Pyrites for Acid Making
E G Lawford
21 1953 Manufacture of Triple Superphosphate
J J Porter J Frisken
22 1953 Potash Mining and Production
P L Garès
22 1953 Potash Utilisation in Agriculture
G A Cowie
23 1953 Ammoniation of Superphosphate
J Angus
24 1953 Billingham Nitrophosphate
W D'Leny
25 1953 Investigations on the Agricultural Value of Nitrophosphate and Anhydrous Ammonia
E G Mulder
26 1953 The 'Kachkaroff' Process
A Durand
26 1953 Flash Roasting
W H Coates
27 1954 Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilisers in North-Western Europe
G W Cooke
28 1954 Fertilisers and Feeding Stuffs Act 1926 (UK)
28 1954 Legal Aspects of the Act
J D Westlake
28 1954 The Act and the Fertiliser Manufacturer
John Manning
29 1954 Agricultural Factors of Northern Africa and their Relation to Fertilisation
L J Carpentier
29 1954 Usage of Fertilisers in South Africa - A Review of Problems Confronting the Fertiliser Industry
D Meredith
30 1955 Nitrogenous Fertiliser Production
W K Hall
31 1955 Works Structures
R F Miles
31 1955 Corrosion Problems Relating to Works Structures
C W Marler
32 1955 Problems of Corrosion by Fertilisers.
32 1955 Chemistry and Metallurgy of Corrosion of Metals by Fertiliser Materials
W D Clark
32 1955 Methods used by Manufacturers to Reduce the Corrosive Effect of Fertilisers on Fertiliser Distributing Machines
J E Nicholson
32 1955 Corrosion of Steels in Relation to Fertiliser Chemicals
C R Pipe
32 1955 Fertiliser Distribution - Problems of Corrosion Prevention on the Farm
Rex Paterson
33 1955 First Installation of a Phosphoric Acid Plant According to the Anhydrite Method at Vercelli, Italy
Sven Nordengren Italo Francia Rolf Nordengren
34 1955 Compound Fertiliser Formulation
R Stewart
35 1955 Product Control in Fertiliser Manufacture
D Williams
36 1956 Effect of Sampling on Fertiliser Analysis
E W Schwehr
37 1956 N.P.K. Residues from Fertilisers and Farmyard Manure in Long-Term Experiments at Rothamsted
R G Warren
38 1956 Good Quality Granular Fertilisers. Some Research and Manufacturing Problems
B Raistrick
39 1956 Manuring of Greenhouse Crops
Hugh Nicol
40 1956 Work Study - with Special Reference to Improvement of Productivity in the Fertiliser Industry
A F Shepherd
41 1956 Use of Fertilisers in the Far East
H L Richardson
42 1957 Use of Different Types of Phosphate Rock in Single and Triple Superphosphate Production
T P Dee R J Nunn K Sharples
43 1957 Smoothing Streams of Materials in the Manufacture of Fertilisers, Including Proportioning
A C van Es
44 1957 Fertilisers in Solution
N H Pizer
45 1957 Some Investigations into the Application of Radio-Isotope Techniques to Fertiliser Production
P Craven
46 1957 Fertilisers and Productivity
David Lowe
47 1957 Developments in Granulation Techniques
A T Brook
48 1958 Entry of Nutrients into the Plant and their Movement within it
E C Humphries
49 1958 Gaseous Effluents from Granulation Plants
F J Harris
50 1958 An Outline of the Theory and Practice of Nitric Acid Manufacture
D A Spratt
51 1958 Fertilisers and Grassland
William Davies T E Williams
52 1958 Contact Sulphuric Acid Plant Improved Conversion by Air Dilution
W N Hackett R W Riding
53 1958 Science in the Service of Agriculture
Sir William Slater, KBE
54 1959 Biological Fixation of Nitrogen
E R Roberts
55 1959 Mechanism of Granule Formation
Prof. D M Newitt A L Papadopoulos
56 1959 Concentration (of fertilisers) - First Francis New Memorial Lecture
H U Cunningham
57 1959 Soil Analysis and Fertiliser Recommendation
A M Smith
58 1959 Automatic Batch Weighing Theory
A Waller
58 1959 Automatic Weighing Equipment for the Fertiliser Industry
W H Bonser
58 1959 Use of Weighing Equipment in the Fertiliser Industry
R I O Passmore
59 1960 Granulation Techniques - New Developments
P J van den Berg G Hallie
60 1960 Current Agricultural Techniques for the Broadcast Application of Fertilisers
P Hebblethwaite J A Pascal
61 1960 Rotary Coolers and Driers - Some Related Aspects of Design
S J Porter W G Masson
62 1960 Fertiliser Analysis - Joint Symposium
62 1960 Fertiliser Analysis: A Decade of Collaborative Investigation
J H Hamence
62 1960 Determination of Trace Elements in Fertilisers
C J Regan R F Milton S M Boden J B E Patterson
62 1960 Determination of Nitrogen
H N Wilson
62 1960 Determination of Potassium
E W Schwehr H R Conan
62 1960 Determination of Phosphorus
P Craven E W Schwehr
62 1960 Determination of the Phosphorus Content of Rock Phosphate
H L Davies J Lacey H A E Mackenzie A Mendelowitz J Rijkerr
63 1960 Design of Void Spray Towers for Silicon Tetrafluoride Absorption
A G Calver J D C Hemsley
64 1960 Ten Years Experience with Heavy Applications of Nitrogen on Grassland in the Netherlands
H van der Molen
65 1961 Current Fertiliser Practice in Relation to Manurial Requirements
D A Boyd
66 1961 The Importance of Fertilisers - Second Francis New Memorial Lecture
H Stevenius-Nielsen
67 1961 Developments in Phosphoric Acid Manufacture
W C Weber Frank W Edwards
68 1961 Water and Effluent: The Law and the Practice
J B C Carr J C Pinder D H Sharp
69 1961 On Getting Through to the Farmer
Kevin Fitzgerald
70 1962 Origin of Processing of Phosphate Rock with Particular Reference to Benefication
Vincent Sauchelli
71 1962 Reactions of Phosphate in Soils: Recent Research by TVA
E O Huffman
72 1962 Accumulation and Loss of Soil Potassium in Long Term Experiments, Rothamsted and Woburn
R G Warren A E Johnston
72 1962 Potassium Status of some English Soils Considered as a Problem of Energy Relationships
P W Arnold
73 1962 Developments in the F.A.O. Fertiliser Programme Under the Freedom from Hunger Campaign
H L Richardson
74 1962 Screening and Segregation of Fertiliser Materials
C J Stairmand
75 1963 Agricultural Evaluation of Nitrophosphates with Particular Reference to Direct and Cumulative Phosphate Effects, and to Interaction between Water Solubility and Granule Size
P F J van Burg
75 1963 Agricultural Value of some Water and Citrate Soluble Phosphate Fertilisers: An Account of Recent Work at Rothamsted and Elsewhere
G E G Mattingly
76 1963 Potassium Metaphosphate: A Novel Method of Manufacture and a Summary of its Behaviour as a Fertiliser
F J Harris
77 1963 Fertilisers in Retrospect and Prospect - Third Francis New Memorial Lecture
K D Jacob
78 1963 Processes for the Manufacture of Nitric Acid
G Drake
79 1963 Analytical Symposium - Self-actuated Devices and New Methods for Control
79 1963 An Automatic Sampler for Granular Materials
P L Baldwin
79 1963 Aids in Assessing Quality of Granular Compound Fertilisers
K Sharples N Dodds
79 1963 Rapid Analytical Control Methods in Wet Process Phosphoric Acid Manufacture
G Nelson
79 1963 Standard, Physical and Automatic Methods for the Analysis of Fertilisers
A C Docherty
79 1963 Application of Continuous Infra-Red Gas Analysis to the Determination of Sulphur Dioxide in Contact Acid Plant Exit Gas
G Nelson
80 1964 Nitrogen Fertilisers: Their Place in Food Production, the Forms which are made and their Efficiencies
G W Cooke
81 1964 Insoluble Phosphate Losses in Phosphoric Acid Manufacture by the Wet Process: Theory and Experimental Techniques
S M Janikowski N Robinson W F Sheldrick
82 1964 Modern Methods in the Handling of Fertilisers - Symposium
82 1964 Handling Large Tonnages
George Downie
82 1964 Packages and Containers for Fertilisers
Colin Swinbank
82 1964 Handling and Distribution of Packed Fertilisers
Nils Lagerholm Tage Karlsson
82 1964 Handling and Application of Fertiliser on the Farm
O M Hosegood
83 1964 Future Fertiliser Requirements of Developing Countries and Crop Response to Fertiliser in these Countries
V Ignatieff J J Doyle J W Couston
84 1964 Absorption of Inorganic Nutrients by Plants
Prof. J F Sutcliffe
85 1965 Ammonium Nitrate: Manufacture and Use
C H Solomon K S Barclay
86 1965 Fertiliser and the World Scene - The Problem of Understanding. Fourth Francis New Memorial Lecture
Sir Edmund Hudson
87 1965 Bulk Blending of Fertilisers: Practices and Problems
Travis P Hignett
88 1965 Effect of Fertilisers on the Nutritive Value and Production Potential of Forages
W F Raymond C R W Spedding
89 1965 Manufacture of Ammonia
P W Reynolds
90 1966 Isobutylidene Diurea as a Slow Acting Nitrogen Fertiliser and the Studies in this Field in Japan
Masao Hamamoto
91 1966 NPK Fertiliser Production Using Superphosphoric Acid
G Bischofberger R R Heck
92 1966 Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilisers: Their Forms and Their Places in Agriculture
G W Cooke
93 1966 Liquid Fertilisers: Technology and Implication
J D Thirkell
94 1966 Manuring Young Conifers: Experiments in Some English Nurseries
Blanche Benzian
94 1966 Timber Production by Forest Fertilisation
Stig Hagner
95 1967 Progress and Development in the Extraction, Refining and Treatment of Potash for Use in the Fertiliser Industry
P L Garès
96 1967 Production and Properties of Basic Slag
G G Brown K F J Thatcher
97 1967 Developing a Basis for Fertiliser Use - Fifth Francis New Memorial Lecture
T Walsh
98 1967 Hydrothermal Processing of Naturally Occurring Phosphates
Prof. S I Wolfkovich
99 1967 Potassium Nitrate
Ir Y Araten A Baniel R Blumberg
100 1967 Non-Metallic Materials in Fertiliser Plant and Equipment
C Edeleanu

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