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No. Year Description
101 1967 Place of Fertilisers in Food Crop Economy of Tropical Africa
E W Russell
102 1968 Production of High Nitrogen NPK Granular Fertilisers
W C Weber I S Mangat
103 1968 Nutrition of Glasshouse and Other Horticultural Crops
G W Winsor
104 1968 Fertiliser Analytical Methods Symposium
104 1968 Semi Automatic Determination of Total and Ammonia Nitrogen in Fertilisers
P H Janssen
104 1968 Determination of Nitrate Nitrogen in Mixed Fertilisers Using 1.2.4. Phenol-Disulphonic Acid
B Ripp E W Schwehr
104 1968 Gravimetric Determination of Nitrate in Compound Fertilisers using N(-4-Chlorobenzyl)-1-Naphthlymethylamine
W C Hanson
104 1968 Automatic Methods for the Determination of Potash
A C Docherty
104 1968 Determination of Phosphorus in Phosphoric Acid and Sodium Tripolyphosphate
S F Holder
104 1968 Determination of Water in Fertiliser Materials by Microwave Absorption
F W Bennett
105 1968 Fertilisers and Animal Production
K L Blaxter
106 1969 Nitric Acid Manufacture - A Comparison between High and Medium Pressure Processes
J M Lerolle
107 1969 Modern Methods for Promoting the Sale of Fertilisers
A E Cascino
108 1969 Trends in Technology - Sixth Francis New Memorial Lecture
Travis P Hignett
109 1969 Prilling of Compound Fertilisers
F E Steenwinkel J W Hoogendonk
110 1969 Production of Ammonium Nitrate including Handling and Safety
R W R Carter A G Roberts
111 1969 The Mansholt Plan
J van Lierde
112 1969 New Phosphoric Acid Processes - Symposium
112 1969 Single Stage Process for the Production of 50% Phosphoric Acid
S M Janikowski N Robinson
112 1969 Kellogg-Lopker Phosphoric Acid Process
L E Bostwick W Turner
112 1969 Dorr-Oliver HYS Phosphoric Acid Process
W C Weber E J Roberts I S Mangat E Uusitalo
112 1969 Albatros Phosphoric Acid Process
A C van Es J Th Boontje
113 1970 Urea-Agronomic Applications
T E Tomlinson
114 1970 Economic Considerations in the Choice of Fertiliser Process Routes
J R Potter
115 1970 Behaviour of Potassium in Soils
P W Arnold
116 1970 Packaging and Handling of Fertilisers - Symposium
116 1970 Some Recent Developments in Fertiliser Packaging
W Miller
116 1970 The Plastic Sack in the Fertiliser Industry
B W Overton
116 1970 Some Aspects of Mechanical Handling in the Fertiliser Industry
R E Worthington
116 1970 Film - High Speed Bagging and Handling of Fertiliser in Plastic Bags presented
R Dean
117 1970 Economics of Ammonia Production and Distribution - International Symposium
117 1970 Start-up Problems of New Large Ammonia Plants and the Effect on the Ammonia Market
Daphne L Mermikides
117 1970 Effect of Operating Rate as a Percentage of Design Capacity on Profitability of Ammonia Plant Operation
Harry W Lambe
117 1970 Effect of Economic and Site Factors on Technical Design Parameters in Ammonia Plant Design
M Sales F C Brown
117 1970 Economic Comparison Between Steam Reforming and Partial Oxidation for Ammonia Production
D L Banquy
117 1970 Energy Balance Considerations for Naphtha Based Ammonia Plants - Review
M Bignon
117 1970 Storage and Handling Costs for Anhydrous Ammonia in Relation to Variable Off Take and Stockholding
A M M Brown
117 1970 Comparative Costs of Ammonia Transport
George C Sweeney, Jr
117 1970 Ocean Shipping of Ammonia - Costs and Forms of Contracts
C Marner
117 1970 Recent Trends in Published Ammonia Prices and The Prospects for 1971-1975
Nicolas P Smith Michel E Marjon
118 1970 Basis of Current Fertiliser Recommendations in England and Wales
J L Hooper
119 1970 Control of Fertiliser Granulation Plants
J A Bland J Hawksley W Perkins
120 1971 Role of the World Bank in Agricultural Development
O W T Price
121 1971 Fertilisers and Society - Seventh Francis New Lecture
G W Cooke
122 1971 Problems of Plant Maintenance - Symposium
122 1971 Maintenance of Small Fertiliser Factories
K Sharples E C Malcolm
122 1971 Corrosion of Phosphoric Acid Plants
D L Clarke R C Williamson
122 1971 Philosophy of the Maintenance at the Pernis Plant, Albatros Superfosfaatfabrieken
J P Kruisbrink G H Don
122 1971 C.C.F. Plant Maintenance
M D T Archer
123 1971 Phosphate Fertiliser Sources: Agronomic Effectiveness in Relation to Chemical and Physical Properties
G L Terman
124 1971 Thermal Stability of Fertilisers Containing Ammonium Nitrate
G Perbal
125 1972 Fertiliser Caking and its Prevention
D C Thompson
126 1972 Influence of the Changing Pattern in Agriculture on Fertiliser Use
K W Smilde
127 1972 Low Recycle NPK Granulation - Design and Practical Aspects
G B Whyte
128 1972 Aluminium Fluoride - Value from Waste
P M R Versteegh Th J Thoonen
129 1972 Unit Operation of Bulk Crystallisation
A Waller
130 1972 Emploi des Aides Audiovisuelles dans L'Education Technique des Agriculteurs
M C Scoupe
131 1972 Some Fundamental Aspects of Urea Technology
S M Lemkowitz M G R T de Cooker P J van den Berg
132 1972 Some Aspects of Process Licensing in the Fertiliser Industry
J D C Hemsley
133 1973 New Developments in Manufacture and Use of Liquid Fertilisers
A V Slack F P Achorn
134 1973 Fertilisers - The Future? Eighth Francis New Memorial Lecture
B Raistrick
135 1973 Fertilisers, Farming Practice and Water Quality
G J Kolenbrander
136 1973 Ammonium Nitrate Production
G Drake
137 1973 Safety in Works
137 1973 Safety of Products and Raw Materials
G Perbal
137 1973 Safety Systems and Legal Requirements
V P England
137 1973 Safety and Design and Operation
J F Killeen
138 1973 The Shipment of Phosphatic Materials - Some Technical and Economic Aspects
W T Charlton J D Crerar R C Akroyd
139 1974 Some Effects of Fertilisers on Food Quality and Flavour
Prof F Aylward Prof E C Apling V D Arthey C Bould
140 1974 Modern Sulphuric Acid Practice
G T Ketjen
141 1974 Solids Handling and Metering in an NPK Prilling Plant
W J Kelly
142 1974 Role of Nitrogen in Grassland Productivity
142 1974 Quantity and Timing of Fertiliser N for Grass and Grass/Clover Swards
J S Brockman
142 1974 Use of Nitrogen Fertilisers on Grassland for Milk Production
F J Gordon
142 1974 Variation in Response of Grass to Fertiliser N in Relation to the Environment
J Morrison M V Jackson T E Williams
142 1974 Economics of Nitrogen Fertiliser on Grassland for Milk and Meat Production
J A Craven J B Kilkenny
142 1974 Role of Nitrogen Fertiliser in the Production of Beef from Grass
Prof. W Holmes
143 1974 Sugar Beet Nutrition
A P Draycott
144 1974 Contemporary Production and Related Problems of the British Fertiliser Industry - A Survey
W H Coates
145 1974 Fertiliser Requirements of Vegetable Crops
D J Greenwood T J Cleaver Mary K Turner
145 1974 Maize and its Fertilisation
R Gervy
146 1975 Off-Line Data Logging for NPK Plants
I K Watson
147 1975 The World Food Crisis and its Implications for the Fertiliser Industry - Ninth Francis New Memorial Lecture
Arnold Robinson
148 1975 Trends in the European Fertiliser Industry
J van Steenis
149 1975 New Developments in Handling and Application of Solid Fertilisers
L Couette
150 1975 Influence of Long-Term Potash Fertilising on Soil and Crops
H Bruchholz
151 1975 Newer Developments in Cleaning Wet Process Phosphoric Acid
Ruth Blumberg
152 1975 Food - Fertiliser - Energy - Efficiency
W van Monsjou
153 1976 Slow Release Fertilisers, Particularly Sulphur-Coated Urea
L H Davies
154 1976 Planning and Establishment of a Major Fertiliser Complex
C Gowran
155 1976 Nitrogen Fixation - Future Prospects
Prof. J Chatt
156 1976 Fertilisers and the Environment - Symposium
156 1976 Effluent Problems in Fertiliser Manufacture - A Review
F W Bennett B C Spall
156 1976 Environmental Impact of Gaseous Emissions from the Manufacture of Fertilisers
L Whalley
156 1976 Effects of Waste Chemicals from the Manufacture of Fertilisers on the Marine Environment
L Carter
156 1976 Noise Pollution
C Thomas
156 1976 Health and Safety at Work Act (UK)
J Gardner
157 1976 Fertiliser Requirements of Fruit Trees
D W P Greenham
158 1976 Forest Fertilising in Great Britain
D J Mayhead
159 1976 New Methods in the Distribution of Solid Fertilisers - A Survey
O Gronlie
160 1976 Role of the World Bank in Helping to Meet the Fertiliser Requirements of Developing Countries
W F Sheldrick
161 1977 Fertilisers in Dispute - Tenth Francis New Memorial Lecture
H van der Molen
162 1977 Developments in Ammonium Phosphate Technology
I A Brownlie E Davidson T R Dick
163 1977 Hydrogen Fluoride and Pyrogenic Silica from Fluosilicic Acid
G L Flemmert
164 1977 Foliar Fertilisation with Primary Nutrients During the Reproductive Stage of Plant Growth
Robert C Gray
165 1977 Phosphoric Acid Techniques to Match Raw Materials and Fertiliser Trends
A Davister
166 1977 Urea Stripping Process - Stripping Technology, Phase Equilibria and Thermodynamics
P J C Kaasenbrood H A G Chermin
167 1977 An Integrated Process for Ammonia-Urea Manufacture
V Lagana U Zardi
168 1978 Catalysts in Ammonia Production
J D Rankin
169 1978 Catalytic Processes in Nitric Acid Manufacture
J A Busby G Knapton A E R Budd
170 1978 Advances in Catalyst Quality and Conversion Equipment for Sulphuric Acid Manufacture
G Th Ketjen
171 1978 Industrial Heterogeneous Catalysis - Some Aspects
G C Chinchen
172 1978 Improving the Implementation of Fertiliser Projects in Developing Countries - Some Suggestions
P L Baldwin C J Henty
173 1978 Constraints to Increased Fertiliser Use in Developing Countries and Means to Overcome Them
M Mathieu J de la Vega
174 1978 Experience of the Design and Operation of Fertiliser Plants in Developing Countries
J P Hill
175 1978 Distribution of Fertiliser Bags - Loading and Unloading Installations
Werner Meifort
176 1978 Filling Sacks and Their Collation on Pallets - A Review of Systems
D S Alexander F A King B W Overton
177 1978 A Case Study in Automatic Packaging
R J Milborne J E Leslie D Bedford
178 1979 The Fertiliser Industry - Development and Change in Ireland - Eleventh Francis New Memorial Lecture
J B Hynes
179 1979 Specialist Fertilisers in Horticulture
P S Atkins
180 1979 Practical Experience with Ureaform Slow-Release Nitrogen Fertiliser During the past 20 Years and Outlook for the Future
H Schneider L Veegans
181 1979 Fertilisers for Hill and Upland Improvement
H Sandford
182 1979 Risk Analysis and Fertiliser Plant
Sir Frederick Warner
183 1979 Energy Conservation in a Large Chemical Company
G V Ellis
184 1979 Coal Gasification - Routes to Ammonia and Methanol
F C Brown H G Hargreaves
185 1979 Some Practical Aspects of Sulphuric Acid Plant Operation with Particular Reference to Catalyst Performance
S K May
186 1979 The Pan Granulation Process
O Skauli O H Lie
187 1979 Uranium Recovery from Phosphoric Acid (A Process Engineering Review)
A P Kouloheris
188 1980 Fertiliser Requirements in Developing Countries
A von Peter
189 1980 Use of Lime on Agricultural Soils
A E Johnston W N Whinham
190 1980 Changes in Fertiliser Use in the UK from 1950 to 1980
G W Cooke
191 1980 New Concept Ammonia Process with Higher Efficiency
W F van Weenen J Tielrooy
192 1980 The Oxy Hemihydrate Phosphoric Acid Process
M B Caesar H C Smith L E Mercando
193 1980 Potash Deposits Outside of North America
G Rüping
194 1980 Sampling, Physical Testing and Chemical Analysis of Fertilisers - A Review of Recent Developments in Methods
G E N Lance A C Docherty
195 1980 Computer Controlled Analysis- Development and Use of a System
J C Scheer T J Brans
196 1981 Fertilisers for Tropical and Sub-Tropical Agriculture - Twelfth Francis New Memorial Lecture
Donald L McCune
197 1981 Milk Production - The Role of Fertilisers
W Thompson T Blair
198 1981 Meat Production - The Role of Fertilisers
H K Baker
199 1981 Nitrogen and Intensification of Livestock Farming in EEC Countries
P F J van Burg W H Prins D J den Boer W J Sluiman
200 1981 Nitric Acid Technology
J K Bradley G Drake

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