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No. Year Description
201 1981 From Wet Crude Phosphoric Acid to High Purity Products
A Davister G Martin
202 1981 Granulation and Prilling for Fertilisers - Criteria for a Choice Between Various Technologies
R Schoemaker A C M Smit
203 1981 Energy in Agriculture
D J White
204 1981 Crop Nutrition in Nutrient Film Culture
S J Richardson
205 1981 Role of Biological Nitrogen Fixation in UK Agriculture
J E Beringer J M Day
206 1982 Metals in Severe Conditions - Symposium on Materials of Construction in Fertiliser Plants. Session 1
206 1982 Materials of Construction for the Nitric Acid Process
W R Harker K B Moxon
206 1982 Case for Good Distribution in Steam Reforming Furnaces
K Nutall A R Reid
206 1982 Experience of Pumps for Severe Duties in Urea Plant Service
R Borromei F Granelli M Rex
206 1982 Waste Heat Boilers for Reliable Service in Ammonia Plants
H Stahl
207 1982 Surface treatments - Symposium on Materials of Construction in Fertiliser Plants. Session 2
207 1982 Protecting Fertiliser Manufacturing Plant: The Role of Surface Coatings
R S Hullcoop
207 1982 Corrosion and Protection of Concrete in an Ammonium Nitrate Environment
D W May
207 1982 Solving Wear Problems in a Compound Fertiliser Plant
P Furnival
208 1982 Phosphogypsum Utilisation
K Weterings
209 1982 Recent Experiences in Phosphoric Acid Production by Hemihydrate Routes
M L Parker C McDonald
210 1982 Criteria for Selecting CO2 Removal Processes
F C Brown C L Leci
211 1982 Fertilisers and Intensive Wheat Production in the EEC - Symposium
211 1982 Nitrogen Fertilisation and its Interaction with other Cultural Measures: Experience in the Federal Republic of Germany
H Sturm H Effland
211 1982 Nitrogen Fertilisation and Methods of Predicting the N Requirements of Winter Wheat in the Federal Republic of Germany
F A Becker W Aufhammer
211 1982 Nitrogen Fertilisers in Intensive Wheat Growing in France
J C Remy Ph Viaux
211 1982 Intensive Wheat Production as Related to Nitrogen Fertilisation, Crop Protection and Soil Nitrogen: Experience in the Benelux
K Dilz A Darwinkel R Boon L M J Verstraeten
211 1982 Nitrogen in Wheat Production: Responses, Interactions and Predictions of Nitrogen Requirements in the UK
P Needham
211 1982 Maximising Wheat Yields, and some Causes of Yield Variation
P B H Tinker F V Widdowson
212 1983 The Changing Structure of the International Fertiliser Industry - Thirteenth Francis New Memorial Lecture
W F Sheldrick
213 1983 Effluent Control on a Fertiliser Manufacturing Site
J H Markham
214 1983 Manufacturing versus Importing; a Techno-Economic Review of the Outlook for the West European Phosphate Industry
M P Kurtanjak M N Park T D Phillips
215 1983 Computer Simulation of Fertiliser Granulation Plants
S M P Mutsers H J M Slangen H J J Rutten I K Watson
216 1983 Granulation of Ammonium Phosphates - Recent Experiences
K J Barnett D M Ivell S F Smith
217 1983 Developments in Nitric Acid Plants
W Freitag M Maurer
218 1983 Ammonia Plant Preferences in the 1980s
F C Brown
219 1983 Utilisation of Organic Wastes as a Fertiliser
J H Voorburg
220 1983 Fertiliser Value of Animal Manures on the Continent
T A Van Dijk H Sturm
221 1983 Fertiliser Value of Organic Manures in the UK
K A Smith R J Unwin
222 1983 Environmental Aspects of the Use of Organic Farm Wastes and Sewage Sludge
R J W Dight
223 1984 Fertiliser Packaging in Unit Loads: Including the Development and Use of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers
G G Brown R V Low
224 1984 Aspects of Handling Materials in Bulk.
224 1984 Physical Quality of Bulk Fertilisers
A Ohm
224 1984 Mechanical Handling of Bulk Materials
W Miller
225 1984 Automatic Packaging in 50 kg bags.
225 1984 Automatic Packing of Fertilisers
A D S Peat
225 1984 Five Years of Packaging Development
R J Milborne
226 1984 Cadmium Compounds in Mineral Fertilisers
H-T Baechle F Wolstein
227 1984 Our Legal Environment
D C Hardwick
228 1984 Nitrates and Health
D D Bryson
229 1984 Flow of Nitrogen in Grassland
John C Ryden
230 1984 Improving Nitrogen Efficiency in Wetland Rice Soils
Paul L G Vlek Ian R P Fillery
231 1984 Economic Impact of Fertiliser Usage on UK Indigenous Food Production and Farmers' Income
M C Murphy
232 1984 Fertiliser Use as Affected by Restrictive Measures
L C Zachariasse L B van der Giessen
233 1985 World Fertiliser Industry: Challenges and Constraints in the Recent Past and Future - Fourteenth Francis New Memorial Lecture
John M Lancaster
234 1985 Economics of World Sulphur Supply to the End of the Century
R Boyd T D Phillips
235 1985 Fluid Bed Granulation of Ammonium Nitrate and Calcium Ammonium Nitrate
J P Bruynseels
236 1985 Fluid Fertilisers in the 1980s
D A Palgrave
237 1985 Production of Chloride-Free NPK Fertiliser and Feedgrade Dicalcium Phosphate
K C Knudsen
238 1985 Granulation by Extrusion and Compaction Methods
A Stephenson R Zisselmar
239 1985 Special Oils and Coatings to Prevent Caking of Fertilisers
P A MacKay K Sharples
240 1985 Effects of Uneven Fertiliser Spreading on Crop Yield and Quality
K Dilz G D van Brakel I R Richards
241 1985 Fertiliser Spreading Mechanisms and their Performance in Practice
D A Bull J M Crowe
242 1985 Future Trends in Fertiliser Handling and Application
M J Willis G J Poesse
243 1986 Nitrophosphates with Variable Water Solubility: Preparation and Properties
L Diehl K F Kummer H Oertel
244 1986 Adapting a Pipe Reactor to a Blunger for NPK Production
R J Milborne D W Philip
245 1986 New Diammonium Phosphate Technology - Powdered or Granular DAP
L M Marzo J L Lopez-Nino
245 1986 Dual Pipe Reactor Process for DAP, NP and NPK Production
P Chinal Y Cotonea C Debateux J F Priat
246 1986 Boosting Existing Nitric Acid Production
E Fareid L Hjørnevik G Kongshaug
247 1986 Importance of a By-Product: Achievements and Perspectives of Energy Recovery in Sulphuric Acid Plants
P Lüdtke H J König
248 1986 Relative Merits of Different Filters for Hemihydrate Filtration
M L Parker J A Hallsworth
249 1986 A Clean Technology Phosphoric Acid Process
S van der Sluis Y Meszaros J A Wesselingh G M van Rosmalen
250 1986 Forest Fertilisation: Results from Germany, France and the Nordic Countries
R F Hüttl
251 1986 Forest Fertilisation in Great Britain
C M A Taylor
252 1986 Internal Quality Aspects of Sugar Beet
M A Van der Beek A W M Huijbregts
253 1986 Fertilisers and Quality of Wheat and Barley
G Russell
254 1987 Fertilisers in Developing Countries: Opportunities and Challenges - Fifteenth Francis New Memorial Lecture
S K Mukherjee
255 1987 Fertiliser Blending in Ireland
T M Young
256 1987 Latest Technology and Methods Used for Bulk Blending and Fertiliser Storage in the United States
L Taylor
257 1987 Rationale for Mixed Ammonium Nitrate - Urea Fertilisers and Assessment of Granular Products
M K Garrett
258 1987 Pressure Surge Analysis for the Chemical and Process Industries
R S Silvester
259 1987 The Ammonia Industry: Thoughts about the Past, Present and Future
J M Blanken
260 1987 Twenty Five Years in 'Small' Ammonia Plant Technology
A Pinto S G Trotter
261 1987 Impact of Proposed and Future Flue Gas Desulphurisation Programmes on the Fertiliser Industry
J A Hallsworth
262 1987 A Dynamic Model to Predict Yield and Optimum Nitrogen Fertiliser Application Rate for Potatoes
J J Neeteson D J Greenwood A Draycott
263 1987 Nitrogen Advice for Cereals: Present Realities and Future Possibilities
R Sylvester-Bradley T M Addiscott L V Vaidyanathan A W A Murray A P Whitmore
264 1987 Soil and Fertiliser Sulphur in UK Agriculture
J Keith Syers R J Skinner D Curtin
265 1988 Storage and Distribution of Straight Ammonium Nitrate Fertilisers in Bulk
W van Hijfte
266 1988 Role of the Official Chemist in Legislation and Litigation in North America
R C Rund
267 1988 Development of Legislation Affecting the Production, Distribution, Storage and Use of Fertilisers - The UK Experience
D J Heather
268 1988 Slow Release - True or False? A Case for Control
F N Wilson
269 1988 Phosphoric Acid - Wet Process: What Process? A Guide to Process Selection for Phosphoric Acid Manufacture by Sulphuric Acid Dissolution
P A Smith
270 1988 Fertiliser Technology and Production in Israel
I Raz
271 1988 On-Line Data Logging for NPK Plants
I K Watson D W Philip
272 1988 Determination of Moisture in Fertilisers and Analytical Quality Assurance in Fertiliser Production
I Dellien C Svensson
272 1988 Analytical Quality Assurance in Fertiliser Production
I Dellien C Svensson
273 1988 Placement of Solid Fertilisers in Agricultural Crops: A Review
H Knittel
273 1988 Experiments with Fertigation as a Method of Placement of Fertilisers in Fruit Growing in the Netherlands
J A Kipp
274 1988 Placement of Starter Fertilisers to Improve the Early Growth of Drilled and Transplanted Vegetables
P A Costigan
275 1988 EEC Management of Agricultural Production and its Implications for the Fertiliser Industry
A J Williams
276 1988 Current Recommendations for Nitrogen Fertilisation within the EEC in Relation to Nitrate Leaching
W H Prins K Dilz J J Neeteson
277 1989 Development and Introduction to Industry of New Technology - Sixteenth Francis New Memorial Lecture
Haldor F A Topsøe
278 1989 Changing Patterns in the Phosphoric Acid and Phosphatic Fertilisers Trade - The Case of Tunisia
Abdessatar Hassani
279 1989 Changing Patterns of the International Fertiliser Trade
D C van Meurs
280 1989 Developments in IBCs for Fertiliser Packaging
Erkki Koskinen
281 1989 Mobile Bagging in the UK Fertiliser Market
N Lumby
282 1989 Gas Cleaning in the Fertiliser Industry
R Collins
283 1989 Gas Scrubbing System in the Granulating Plant for PK and NPK Fertilisers - Experiences in an Existing Installation
E Birox
284 1989 Opportunities for Rule-Based Control in the Fertiliser Industry
D Haspel
285 1989 Development and use of an On-Line Particle Analyser in a Prilling or Granulation Plant
W Frydenberg
286 1989 Nitrogen Cycle in UK Arable Agriculture
A E Johnston D S Jenkinson
287 1989 Nitrogen Transformations and Nitrogen Balances in Scandinavian Soils
G Bertilsson
287 1989 Nitrogen Utilisation in Relation to N- Fertilisation
H Kuhlmann Th Engels
288 1989 Fertilisers and Grass Quality
H Beringer
289 1989 Nutritive Value of Grass in Relation to Mineral Deficiencies and Imbalances in the Ruminant
J Price
290 1990 Trends in the West European Fertiliser Industry
M R Freeman S Mitchell
291 1990 Trends and Future Prospects in the West European NPK Fertiliser Industry
P Laurila
292 1990 Organic Farming in the UK A view from the Industry
D Stickland
293 1990 Agro-Industrial Waste Composting and its Agricultural Significance
J M Lopez-Real
294 1990 Granular Ammonium Sulphate - Past, Present & Future
A M Brown L A Hollingworth M Fischbein
295 1990 Future of Ammonium Sulphate, Co- and By-Production
K Hagen
296 1990 Granular Ammonium Nitrate - A New Route
A M J Seto
297 1990 Tailoring Potash to the Needs of the Fertiliser Industry
H Rug
298 1990 Ammonia Volatilisation from Agricultural Land
S C Jarvis B F Pain
299 1990 Losses of Nitrogen by Denitrification and Emissions of Nitrogen Oxides from Soils
K A Smith J R M Arah
300 1990 Practical Measures to Reduce Nutrient Loss from the Arable/Field Vegetable Farm
C A Pedersen

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