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301 1990 Practical Measures to Reduce Nutrient Loss from Grassland Systems
Dr ir H Korevaar D J den Boer
302 1991 Fertilisers in the Environment - Seventeenth Francis New Memorial Lecture
P B H Tinker
303 1991 Eutrophication of Surface Waters and the Contribution of Agriculture
E J B Uunk
304 1991 Utilisation of Animal Manure to Avoid Pollution
J H Voorburg
305 1991 Waste Plastics from Agriculture
C McLatchie
306 1991 Potential Changes in Soil Fertility from Arable Farming, Including Organic Systems
A E Johnston
307 1991 Stress Corrosion Cracking of Carbon Steel Storage Tanks for Anhydrous Ammonia
L Lunde R Nyborg
308 1991 Ammonia Storage Inspection
S Hewerdine
309 1991 Materials for Fertiliser Plant Construction
P Lüdtke W Schalk
310 1991 Applied Rule-Based Control of CAN/NPK Granulation
K Sorth P B Olsen F Larsen N K Larsen
311 1991 Modern Granular Fertiliser Application Techniques
N Moller J E T Svenssen
312 1991 Unwanted Components of Fertiliser Products and their Agricultural Effects
Bal Ram Singh
313 1991 Nutrient Influences on the Nitrate Content of Vegetables
H C Scharpf
314 1991 Food Quality and Mineral Composition
P Varo
315 1992 Transport of Fertilisers by Road and Rail
P J Graham
316 1992 Transport of Fertilisers by Ship and Barge
G Connors
317 1992 Advances in Polythene-Based Films for Fertiliser Packing
C A Harris
318 1992 Palletising and Packaging of IBCs
W P Ronan P O'Kennedy
319 1992 Development & Operation of the Leading Concept Ammonia (LCA) Technology
K J Elkins A J Gow D Kitchen A Pinto
320 1992 Carnit Ammonium Nitrate Process
J L Bovens F van Hecke
321 1992 Computer Integrated Manufacturing in the 1990s
H N Evans
322 1992 Computerised Maintenance Management - A User's View
B Gilbert
323 1992 Fertilisers and the Environment - The European Approach. Keynote Address and Discussion - 1st Int. Conf. Dec. 1992
A Semple
324 1992 Environmental Issues of Fertiliser Use in the Netherlands
S E A T M van der Zee F A M de Haan
325 1992 Nitrogen Immobilisation and Leaching in Pasture Soils
S P Cuttle P C Bourne
326 1992 Nitrogen Economy of Grazed Grassland
M K Garrett C J Watson C Jordan R W J Steen R V Smith
327 1992 Nitrate Leaching from Intensively Grazed Swards
E I Lord
328 1992 Environmental Aspects of Potash Needs, Use and Production
H Beringer
329 1992 Effect of Nitrogen Fertiliser on the Nitrogen Cycle of Two Upland Arable Soils of Contrasting Textures
A J A Vinten B J Vivian R S Howard
330 1992 Nitrate Leaching under Arable Land Ploughed out from Grass
A Lloyd
331 1992 Nitrate Leaching from Potatoes and Spring Barley on Sandy Soils, with and without Irrigation
M A Shepherd
332 1992 Environmental Consequences of Different Farming Systems using Good Agricultural Practices
G Bertilsson
333 1992 Fertilisers in the European Environment - The Way Ahead
A J Williams
334 1993 Design and Operation of a Safe and Environmentally Friendly Nitrogen Fertiliser Plant - Eighteenth Francis New Lecture
V Bizzotto
335 1993 The Demand for Sustainability
P B H Tinker
336 1993 Availability of Fertiliser Raw Materials
P L Louis
337 1993 Overview of Efficient Manufacturing Processes
G D France D C Thompson
338 1993 Energy Balance in an Ammonium Nitrate-Nitric Acid Plant
M Saigne
338 1993 Cooling with a Bulk Flow Heat Exchanger
N P Jordison
339 1993 Environmental Audits
T K Jenssen
340 1993 Soil Nutrient Balance: an Indicator of Sustainable Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa
E M A Smaling
340 1993 Fertiliser Use and Sustainable Agriculture in Asia
H R von Uexküll E W Mutert
341 1993 Agriculture, Ecology and Society
O Pettersson
342 1993 Opportunities and Constraints for Recycling Nutrients from Organic Wastes
G W Searle
343 1993 Sustainable Fertiliser Use
J S Bailey
344 1993 Towards a Sustainable Agriculture in the UK
T O'Riordan
345 1993 Towards Integrated Nutrient Management
P J Van Erp O Oenema
346 1993 Less-Intensive Integrated Farming Systems for Arable Crop Production and Environmental Protection
V W L Jordan J A Hutcheon
347 1993 Communicating the Principles of Sustainable Agriculture to the Farmer
G Thevenet L Lescar J R Archer
348 1993 Sustainable Agricultural Production in Western Europe - A Balanced Approach
J A Farmer
349 1993 Sustainability - Keynote Address and Discussion - 2nd Int. Conf. Dec. 1993
J S Gummer
350 1994 Best Available Techniques for Pollution Control
T K Jenssen
351 1994 Experiences with Compacting Fertilisers
T Koivumäki T Heiska I Tähtinen
352 1994 Legislation Affecting the Production, Distribution, Storage and Use of Fertilisers in the 1990s
D J Heather G E N Lance
353 1994 Recycling of Plastic from the Fertiliser Industry
T Johnstone Ø Langerud
354 1994 Best Practice from Factory to Farm - Keynote Address and Discussion 3rd Int. Conf. Dec. 1994
O J Eilertsen
355 1994 Best Available Techniques in Fertiliser Production
B Christensen P McGuire D C Thompson
356 1994 Integrated Pollution Control
M G Leach
357 1994 Fertiliser Spreading and Application
J E T Svenssen
358 1994 Soil Protection through Good Agricultural Practice
R J Unwin
359 1994 Nitrate - Best Agricultural Practice for Water
B T Croll
360 1994 Best Agricultural Practice for the Protection of Air
O Bøckman
361 1994 Future Needs for Best Practices in Fertiliser Manufacturing and Agriculture
R Perander M Calvert
362 1995 Forty Years with the Phosphate Industry - Nineteenth Francis New Memorial Lecture
A Davister
363 1995 Future of the World Phosphate Industry
A Benchekroun
364 1995 Partially Acidulated Phosphates - Production, Agronomic and Environmental Aspects
Y Pelovski M K Garrett
365 1995 Contribution of Agricultural Phosphorus to Eutrophication
R H Foy P J A Withers
366 1995 Cadmium in Soil - Origin and Fate
A E Johnston K C Jones
367 1995 World Food Demand and Supply Prospects
Prof. T Dyson
368 1995 Fertilisers and Welfare Development
Prof. S L Jansson
369 1995 Integrated Fertiliser Management: The Way Forward for the Third World?
Prof. J D H Keatinge
370 1995 Constraints on the World's Small Farmers
E R Ørskov
371 1995 The Role of Fertilisers in Environmental Management
A Younger
372 1995 Opportunities and Constraints in the Recycling of Nutrients
J Lammel Prof. H Kirchmann
373 1995 Changing Patterns of Trade and Commercial Activity
B A Brentnall
374 1995 Fertilisers for the Future
G Kongshaug
375 1995 Life Cycle Assessment for Food Production Systems
S Cowell Prof. R Clift
376 1995 Probing the Future - Technology Foresight
Prof. R B Heap Prof. J Hillman
377 1995 Beyond 2000 - Issues for the Nutrient Input to World Agriculture - Keynote Address and Discussion - 4th Int. Conf. Dec. 1995
J-C Ignazi
378 1996 Spatial and Temporal Trends in Atmospheric Sulphur Deposition to Agricultural Surfaces in the United Kingdom
G W Campbell R I Smith
379 1996 Development of Sulphur Deficiency in Crops and its Treatment
S P McGrath F J Zhao P J A Withers
380 1996 Ammonium Sulphate: An Innovative Process for Production
Gregory N Brown
381 1996 By-Product Sulphur - Availability and Use in the Fertiliser Industry
H J König P Lüdtke
382 1996 Control of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Liquid Ammonia Storage Tanks
R Nyborg L Lunde P-E Drønen
383 1996 Safe Operation of Fertiliser Plants
M R Bailey R J Milborne I K Watson
384 1996 Safety of Ammonium Nitrate Fertilisers
K D Shah
385 1996 Risk Assessment in EU Safety Legislation - Adoption and Use
H Hagen
386 1996 Fertiliser Supply from Factory to Farm: a Global Review
K F Isherwood
387 1996 Fertiliser Blending - Theory
G E N Lance
388 1996 Fertiliser Blending - Technology
J E Leonard
389 1996 Interactions between Fertilisers and Spreaders
K Persson
390 1996 Measurement & Classification of the Flow and Spreading Characteristics of Individual Fertilisers
P C H Miller
391 1996 Precision Farming: Implications for Fertiliser Application Policies
C J Dawson
392 1996 Bulk Handling Developments
A S Maxwell
393 1996 Regulatory Control of Fertilisers
M Brink
394 1996 Fertilisers from Factory to Farm - Keynote Address and Discussion - 5th Int. Conf. Dec. 1996
O J Eilertsen
395 1997 20th Francis New Memorial Lectures: 50th Anniversary (3 papers published together)
395 1997 Fifty Years with the Fertiliser Industry. 20th Francis New Memorial Lecture: 50th Anniversary
F J Johnson
396 1997 Fertilisers & Agriculture: 50 Years of Development and Challenges. 20th Francis New Memorial Lecture: 50th Anniversary
A E Johnston
397 1997 The Fertiliser Society 1947 - 1997. 20th Francis New Memorial Lecture: 50th Anniversary
G E N Lance
398 1997 Advances in Nitric Acid Manufacture
W Freitag M Maurer
399 1997 Manufacturing Life Cycle Support for Fertiliser Plants
J van der Werf R de Heus
400 1997 Cadmium and Other Minor Elements in World Resources of Phosphate Rock
S J Van Kauwenbergh

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