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International Fertiliser Society - Proceedings By Number (601 to 700)

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No. Year Description
601 2007 Ammonia Production: Energy Efficiency, CO2 Balances and Environmental Impact
J D Pach
602 2007 Ammonia Plant Energy-saving Project: Design and Implementation
W T Nobel R B J Waggeveld M J Walton P A Sharp
603 2007 Inspection of Atmospheric Ammonia Storage Tanks; New EFMA Recommendations
H A M Duisters
604 2007 Safety Issues in Ammonia Handling and Distribution
K D Shah
605 2007 Mechanisms of Potassium Transport in Plants
D T Britto H J Kronzucker
606 2007 Potassium Transporters and Plant Salt Tolerance
S Shabala T A Cuin
607 2007 Crops and Genotypes Differ in Efficiency of Potassium Uptake and Use
Z Rengel P M Damon
608 2007 Beneficial Effects of Potassium on Human Health
F J He G A MacGregor
609 2007 Impact of Climate Change on Crop Nutrient and Water Use Efficiencies
S M Brouder J J Volenec
610 2007 Effect of Potassium Nutrition on Pest and Disease Resistance in Plants
A Amtmann S Troufflard P Armengaud
611 2007 Role of Potassium in Alleviating Abiotic Stress
I Cakmak
612 2007 Role of Magnesium Nutrition in Growth and Stress Tolerance
I Cakmak E A Kirkby
613 2007 Potassium and Soil Fertility: Long Term Experimental Evidence
A E Johnston
614 2007 Potassium Influence on Crop Yield and Quality
W T Pettigrew
615 2007 Potassium and Nitrogen Interactions in Crop Production
G F J Milford A E Johnston
616 2007 Magnesium Functions in Crop Nutrition and Yield
V Roemheld E A Kirkby
617 2007 Use of Potassium Fertilisers: Global Trends and Balances
B Bain L Smith
618 2007 Potassium, Sodium and Magnesium in Grass and Animal Nutrition: A Question of Balance
S C Jarvis G E J Fisher
618 2007 Potassium Requirements for Grass Cut for Silage - A Review
R G Hemingway
619 2007 Potassium and Magnesium in Manures and Organic By-Products
J Salomez S De Bolle J Bries S De Neve G Hofman
620 2007 Potassium and Magnesium Fertiliser Recommendations in Some European Countries
L M Ristimäki
621 2007 Recommendations and Use of Potassium Fertilisers in Central-Eastern Europe (CEE)
W Grzebisz M Fotyma
622 2008 Corrosion Beneath Insulating Materials
F De Vogelaere
622 2008 Safety and Protection of Overhead Pipework
N G Oates
623 2008 Food, Fertilisers and Footprints - An Environmental Essay. 25th Francis New Memorial Lecture
C J Dawson
624 2008 Relationships Between Nutrient Recycling, Environmental Impacts and Agricultural Production
J J Schröder J F F P Bos
625 2008 Fertiliser Supply and Demand: Outlook for Costs and Availabilities
B A Brentnall
626 2008 'Reach' Regulations: Impact on the European Fertiliser Industry
J Ebenhöch
627 2008 Ammonium Nitrate Fertilisers: Analysis and Appraisal of Classification Categories
H Kiiski
628 2008 Safety Assessment of Bitumen-based Asphalt (Tarmac) Flooring in Ammonium Nitrate Fertiliser Stores
R H Dyson P Waller K D Shah
629 2008 Ammonium Nitrate Production, Storage and Distribution: Accidents and Investigations
K D Shah
630 2008 Resource or Waste: the Reality of Nutrient Recycling to Land
A E Johnston
631 2008 Compost: Production, Use and Impact on Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles
M P Bernal
632 2008 Anaerobic Digestion of Farm Manures and Other Products for Energy Recovery and Nutrient Recycling
J Morgan B F Pain
633 2008 Sustainability Aspects of Biofuel Production
W J Corré J G Conijn
634 2008 Marine Algal Biomass for Energy Regeneration and Possible Phosphorus Recovery
W A Brandenburg B L Smit J J Neeteson
635 2008 Nutrient and Carbon Recovery from Household and Food Biowastes
T D Evans
636 2008 Industrial Symbiosis: Nationally Co-ordinated By-Product Use and Nutrient Recycling
M R Bailey P D Jensen H Hitchman A Gadd
637 2008 Policies to Encourage Integrated Nutrient Management and Recycling
Å E Sjöström
637 2008 European and UK Regulatory Requirements for the Application of Waste Products to Land
M J Davis
638 2008 Phosphorus Imports, Exports, Fluxes and Sinks in Europe
I R Richards C J Dawson
639 2008 GHG Emissions and Energy Efficiency in European Nitrogen Fertiliser Production and Use
F Brentrup C Pallière
640 2008 Non-Metallic Contaminants in Domestic Waste, Wastewater and Manures: Constraints to Agricultural Use
B Vinnerås J Clemens M Winker
641 2008 Plant Nutrients from Organic Industrial By-Products
P L Graziano R Calzavara M Perelli G Roccuzzo
642 2008 Assessment of Manure Transport Distances and their Impact on Economic and Energy Costs
R Fealy J J Schröder
643 2009 EU Climate Policy and Emission Trading: Challenges for the European Fertiliser Industry
R Zwiers J A M van Balken E Y E Härmälä C Pallière M Cryans
644 2009 UK Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme: Review of First Three Years
E J Pullinger S R Williams M W Buchan K D Shah
645 2009 Automated IBC Fertiliser Packing Line Installation, with Case Study
P Rosenström S Ahlberg E G Sharp
646 2009 Bioethanol from Sugar Beet and Horticultural Use of Surplus Process Heat
R Stark P J Jarvis
647 2009 Developments in Ammonia Plant Contracting
P Kummann
648 2009 Urea Technology – Past, Present And Future
J Visser
649 2009 Safety and Environment – Lessons Learnt and Future Challenges for the Fertiliser Industry. 26th Francis New Memorial Lecture
T K Jenssen
650 2009 A Company Review of Manufacturing Operations in Response to the Findings of the Baker Report
C P Lynas E Campbell H J Koornhof J R Brightling
651 2009 Nitrogen in Agriculture: An Overview and Definitions of Nitrogen Use Efficiency
A E Johnston P R Poulton
652 2009 Impact of Soil Microbial Biomass and Fertiliser Source on Nitrogen Use Efficiency
C Bosshard A Oberson J Mayer
653 2009 Nitrogen in Physiology - An Agronomic Perspective and Implications for the Use of Different Nitrogen Forms
E A Kirkby J Le Bot S Adamowicz V Roemheld
654 2009 Management of Nitrogen Inputs on Farm Within the EU Regulatory Framework
H F M ten Berge W van Dijk
655 2009 Ammonia and Nitrous Oxide Emissions Following Field-application of Manure: State of the Art Measurements in the Netherlands
J F M Huijsmans R L M Schils
656 2009 Nitrogen Recovery from Organic Manures: Improved Slurry Application Techniques and Treatment - the Danish Scenario
T S Birkmose
657 2009 Nitrogen Efficiency and Ammonia Emissions from Urea-based and Ammonium Nitrate Fertilisers
B J Chambers P M R Dampney
658 2009 Modification of Nitrogen Fertilisers Using Inhibitors: Opportunities and Potentials for Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency
C J Watson R J Laughlin K L McGeough
659 2009 Costs and Effects of Uneven Spreading of Nitrogen Fertilisers
P C H Miller E Audsley I R Richards
660 2009 Nitrogen Fertilisation of Established Grassland for Milk and Meat
G E J Fisher E C Jewkes
661 2009 Methods for Determining the Nitrogen Fertiliser Requirements of Some Major Arable Crops
V Parnaudeau M H Jeuffroy J M Machet R Reau C Bissuel Ph Eveillard H S Østergaard
J H Orson
662 2009 Improved Precision of Arable Nitrogen Applications: Requirements, Technologies and Implementation
H-W Olfs
663 2009 Can Organic Farming Feed the World? A Contribution to the Debate on the Ability of Organic Farming Systems to Provide Sustainable Supplies of Food
K W T Goulding A J Trewavas K E Giller
664 2009 Integrating Nitrogen Use and Food Production with Environmental Expectations
J W Erisman
665 2009 Need for Agro-Ecological Intelligence to Limit Trade-offs between Global Food, Feed and Fuel
P S Bindraban
666 2009 Nitrogen Fertiliser Supply and Demand - Balances, Outlook and Drivers of Change
A J Prince E Apostolopoulou M A S Simonova
667 2010 Land Remediation and Workforce Redeployment Resulting from the Ending of Potash Mining in France
R Giovanetti
668 2010 The Phosphate Life-Cycle: Rethinking the Options for a Finite Resource
J Hilton A E Johnston C J Dawson
669 2010 Official Sampling of Bulk Fertiliser Supplies
J V Cheetham
670 2010 Greenhouse Gas Budgets of Crop Production and the Mitigation Potential of Nutrient Management
H C Flynn P Smith
671 2010 By-Product Formation in Ammonia Plants
J D Pach
672 2010 Decommissioning and Demolition of an Ammonium Nitrate Fertiliser Complex
K D Shah C Blackman
673 2010 Process Safety in the Fertiliser Industry
P Eames J R Brightling
674 2010 A Fertiliser Company Approach to Improving Process Safety Performance
J-P Fossum H Navsaria
675 2010 Physical, Chemical and Biological Attributes of Agricultural Soils
A E Johnston C J Dawson
676 2010 Different Soil Cultivation Systems and their Implications for Nutrient Planning and Energy Use
A R Leake
677 2010 Practical In-field Assessment and Remediation of Soil Structural Conditions
S G Draper M J Davis
678 2010 Controlled Traffic Farming to Improve Soil Structure and Crop Productivity
G D Vermeulen W C T Chamen
679 2010 Defining Good Ecological Status of Water, as Required by the European Water Framework Directive
G Phillips
680 2010 Treatment and Use of Wastewater for Agricultural Irrigation
J Hagin M Khamis A Manassra J Abbadi M Qurie A Bulad L Al Hadidi
R Semiat A Shaviv I Katz C Dosoretz O Blonder
681 2010 Catchment Agronomy: Processes, Mitigation Measures and Indicators to Protect Water Quality
C Gascuel-Odoux S Guiet T Morvan F Vertès
682 2010 Fertigation Management Using Soil Sensor Controls in Field Cropping, with Flow-Aid Case Study
J Balendonck B A J van Tuijl F L K Kempkes J Wilms J J de Haan
683 2010 Best Management Principles and Techniques to Optimise Nutrient Use Efficiency
L O Torres A Link
684 2010 Nutrient Planning in Dairy Farming on Temperate Grassland: The Need for an Integrated Approach
P R Scott
685 2010 Future Supply of Phosphorus in Agriculture and the Need to Maximise Efficiency of Use and Reuse
A Rosemarin J J Schröder L Dagerskog D Cordell A L Smit
686 2010 Enhancing Use of Rainwater for Meat Production on Grasslands: An Ecological Opportunity Towards Food Security
P S Bindraban J G Conijn R E E Jongschaap J Qi M A Hanjra J W Kijne P Steduto
H M J Udo T Owels I de Boer
687 2011 LCA to Assess the Environmental Impact of Different Fertilisers and Agricultural Systems
F Brentrup J Lammel
688 2011 Nutrient and Carbon Cycling in Agro-Ecosystems and their Interactions with Ecosystem Services. 27th Francis New Memorial Lecture
J J Neeteson
689 2011 Fertilisers and the EU REACH and Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulations
M Alessio Vernì
690 2011 European Emissions Trading Scheme Phase III and the EU Fertiliser Industry
A Hoxha T K Jenssen C Pallière M Cryans
691 2011 Advanced Spun Cast Material for Steam Reformer Furnace Tubes
S Venkataraman D Jakobi
692 2011 Technology and Factors Affecting Fertiliser Screening Performance
N E Smith
693 2011 Strategies for Workforce Replacement in a Dynamic Business and Regulatory Environment
R Pfaff
694 2011 Risk Based Inspection Implementation: Increasing Plant Safety and Reliability
G Franceschini
695 2011 Crop Nutrition and Sustainable Intensification
S M Bolton I R Crute
696 2011 Plant Breeding Priorities: Variety Development at a Crossroads
S P J Kightley
697 2011 Yield Potential of Combinable Crops in the UK
P M Berry R Sylvester-Bradley R Weightman
698 2011 Enhancing Phosphorus Recovery from Sewage Sludge Application to Arable Land
M Pawlett R Sakrabani R Read L K Deeks S Tyrrel M S Le
699 2011 Feeding the World: Crop Diversity for the Future
G C Hawtin
700 2011 Scope for Innovation in Crop Nutrition to Support Potential Crop Yields
R Sylvester-Bradley P J A Withers

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