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No. Year Description
701 2011 Role of Mineral Fertilisers in Optimising the Use Efficiency of Manure and Land
J J Schröder P Sørensen
702 2011 Role of Micronutrients in Maximising Yields and in Bio-Fortification of Food Crops
K Moran
703 2011 Nitrogen Utilisation in Farming Systems: Optimisation to Minimise Losses
T Dalgaard N J Hutchings C D Børgesen F P Vinther B Hansen
704 2012 Unpublished
P Speight
705 2012 Unpublished
V Delvaux
706 2012 Fertiliser Product Stewardship Program. The European and Global Experience
J B Hansen B Muirheid
707 2012 Ma'aden Phosphate Company: a Dream Realised
M Al-Qahtani A Al-Ajini S Soundarapandian
708 2012 How Not to Ship Fertiliser
D C Thompson
709 2012 Unpublished
A B Riche
710 2012 Nitrous Oxide Emissions Associated with Nitrogen Use on Arable Crops in England
R E Thorman K E Smith R M Rees M Chauhan G Bennett S Malkin D G Munro
R Sylvester-Bradley
711 2012 Recent Advances in Understanding the Role of Potassium and Magnesium in Mitigating Abiotic Stress in Crops
A Gransee H-P König H Führs J McHoul
712 2012 Practical Advice for Slurry Application Strategies for Grassland Systems
S T J Lalor N J Hoekstra P N C Murphy K G Richards G J Lanigan
713 2012 Development of a Novel Technology for Delivering Soil Applied Micronutrient Fertilisers to Crops
M Goodwin
714 2012 Unpublished
M R Tucker
715 2012 Targeted Phosphorus: A New Sustainable Approach to Phosphorus Fertiliser Management in Agriculture
P J A Withers R Sylvester-Bradley D L Jones
716 2012 Agronomic Potential of Mineral Concentrate from Processed Manure as Fertiliser
G L Velthof P Hoeksma J J Schröder J C van Middelkoop W van Geel P A I Ehlert G Holshof
G Klop J P Lesschen
717 2012 Phosphorus Fertilisers from By-Products and Wastes
O Oenema W Chardon P A I Ehlert K van Dijk O Schoumans W Rulkens
718 2012 Unpublished
Th Nesme
719 2012 Cover Crops to Reduce Nitrate Leaching. Effect on Water and Nitrogen Balance and other Ecosystem Services
E Justes N Beaudoin P Bertuzzi R Charles C Dürr J Constantin C Hermon
A Joannon C Le Bas B Mary C Mignolet F Montfort L Ruiz J P Sarthou
V Souchère J Tournebize I Savini O Réchauchère
720 2012 Catch Crops in Practice in Danish Agriculture
L Knudsen
721 2013 Applications of Laser Gas Detection in the Fertiliser Industry
H Adam J Selby L Harper
722 2013 Developments in Fertiliser Security
E J Pullinger
723 2013 Fertiliser Phosphorus Diffusion and Availability: Recent Work on Movement in Soil
A F Rangel Becerra L O Torres Dorante M Basten J Lammel
724 2013 Revisiting and Updating the Effect of Phosphorus Fertilisers on Cadmium Accumulation in European Soils
E Smolders
725 2013 Urea-based NPK Granulation - Examination of Constraints and Potential Solutions
S R Doshi
726 2013 New Process Route to Phosphoric Acid
D Fati T Theys O Schrevens
727 2013 Phosphate Recycling in Mineral Fertiliser Production
C P Langeveld K W ten Wolde
728 2013 Comparison of the Environmental Impact of Three Forms of Nitrogen Fertiliser
S Marquis T Genter A Buet A Berthoud
729 2013 Fertilisers and Agriculture: Meeting the Challenges Sustainably - 28th Francis New Memorial Lecture
L M Maene
730 2013 Impact of Shale Gas on the Fertiliser Market
O L Hatfield L Cross
731 2013 Fertiliser Market Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
M Wanzala R Groot
732 2013 Phosphate-Containing Waste Ash Process for Producing Mineral Fertiliser
L Hermann
733 2013 Quantification of the Value of Advisory Services from Fertiliser Companies
C Gibbs
734 2013 Method of Calculating Effects of Uneven Spreading of Fertiliser Nitrogen
I R Richards R D Hobson
735 2013 Review of Phosphorus Fertiliser Advice in Europe: Soil Testing, Calibration and Recommendations
L Jordan-Meille G H Rubæk P A I Ehlert V Genot G Hofman K W T Goulding J Recknagel
G Provolo P B Barraclough
736 2013 Soil Structure and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
B Ball P Hargreaves J Cloy
737 2013 Sampling and Geostatistics for Precision Agriculture
M A Oliver R Kerry
738 2013 Testing for Plant Available Phosphorus in Soils
S Mundus A Carstensen S Husted
739 2013 Phosphorus Fertiliser Applications to Cereals: Comparing Different Methods for Phosphorus Use Efficiency
D P Wall M Plunkett R Hackett S T J Lalor
740 2013 Effects of Soil Compaction and Tillage on Nutrient Availability and Crop Productivity
J Arvidsson A Etana V Kainiemi
741 2013 Gypsum to Improve Soil Structure and to Reduce Phosphorus Loss
R Kauppila L Pietola
742 2014 Sulphur Availability from Organic Materials Applied to Winter Wheat
E Sagoo K A Smith F A Nicholson S P McGrath
743 2014 Environmental Constraints on New Plant Construction in the USA
K Ruthardt
744 2014 History, Development, Status and Opportunities for Kiln Phosphoric Acid
T P Fowler
745 2014 Detection and Localisation of Leakages in Toxic/Flammable Chemicals Pipelines Using Distributed Fibre Optic Sensors
D Inaudi R de Bont R Walder
746 2014 Sulphuric Acid Technology: Past, Current and Future Developments
A Schulze
747 2014 Ammonia Technology Development from Haber-Bosch to Current Times
J G Reuvers J R Brightling D T Sheldon
748 2014 Management of Fluorine in Phosphoric Acid Production
B Van Massenhove M Collin T Theys
749 2014 First Practical Experience with Robot Inspection of Ammonia Storage Tanks
K Bakli O N Mortensen C Valand
750 2014 Towards Fertilisers for Improved Uptake by Plants
P S Bindraban C O Dimkpa L Nagarajan A H Roy R Rabbinge
751 2014 Assessing the Carbon Footprint of Fertilisers, at Production and Full LCA
B Christensen F Bentrup L Six C Pallière A Hoxha
752 2014 Life Cycle Management of Phosphogypsum Stacks
G R Albarelli B K Birky
753 2014 Spatial Variation of Soil Mineral Nitrogen as a Guide to Sampling for Site-Specific Management
M A Oliver C J Dawson
754 2014 Assessment and Prediction of Nitrogen Mineralisation and its Effect on Crop Productivity
M M A Blake-Kalff L Blake
755 2014 Improved Phosphorus Fertilisation Based on Better Prediction of Availability in Soil
A M D van Rotterdam D W Bussink J A Reijneveld
756 2014 Chlorophyll a Fluorescence - a Novel Tool for Diagnosis of Manganese Deficiency in Crops
P Pedas S B Schmidt K H Laursen S Husted
757 2014 Changing Concepts for the Efficient Use of Phosphorus in Agriculture
A E Johnston P R Poulton
758 2014 Long-Term Trials Comparing Production Efficiencies of Conventional and Improved Cropping Systems
A Korsaeth
759 2014 Effect of Soil pH on Emissions of Nitrous Oxide
L R Bakken
760 2014 Comparison of Urea and Ammonium Nitrate in Long-Term Trials: Synthesis of Ten Years of Experimentation
Ph Eveillard M Lambert M Herve A Bouthier L Champolivier S Marquis C Rocca
D Roussel
761 2014 Comparing Heavy Metal Contents in Crops Receiving Mineral Fertilisers and Animal Manure
B T Christensen L Elsgaard
762 2014 Ammonia Volatilisation after Application of Fertilisers and Organic Products: Potential for Updating Emission Factors
S Génermont
763 2015 Review of Promising Methods for Phosphorus Recovery and Recycling from Wastewater
C Kabbe J C Remy F Kraus
764 2015 Ion-Exchange Treatment of Effluent from Ammonium Nitrate Plants for Nitrogen and Water Recovery
N Arion G J Mommaerts
765 2015 Recovery of Phosphate as Struvite from Wastewater Streams
A T Britton F P Abrary
766 2015 Uranium Extraction from Phosphoric Acid: The Experience of Prayon
M G J A Collin
767 2015 Update on Fluidised Drum Granulation Technology and its Applicability for Different Fertilisers
S Valkov
768 2015 Controlling Particulate Emissions from Ammonium Nitrate Prill Production
J H B Guimarães S A Ziebold J M Hanekom
769 2015 Global Fertiliser Industry: Transitioning from Volume to Value - The 29th Francis New Memorial Lecture
A H Roy
770 2015 World-Wide Trends in Urea Process Technologies
J M G Eijkenboom M J Brouwer
771 2015 Modern Plasma Technology for Nitrogen Fixation: New Opportunities?
R Ingels D Graves S Anderson R Koller
772 2015 Factors Affecting Soil pH and the Use of Different Liming Materials
K W T Goulding
773 2015 Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) - An Indicator for the Utilisation of Nitrogen in Agricultural and Food Systems
O Oenema
774 2015 Fertilisation for Optimised Yield can Minimise Nitrate Leaching in Grain Production
S Delin I Gruvaeus J Wetterlind M Stenberg G Frostgård K Börling C Olsson
A Krijger
775 2015 Acid Treatment of Animal Slurries: Potential and Limitations
D Fangueiro S Surgy I Fraga E Vasconcelos J Coutinho
776 2015 Continuing Revision of National Fertiliser Recommendations Through Co-Operative Action
J Holmes
777 2015 Practical Action on Farm to Reduce Rural Diffuse Pollution
M Aitken S Field
778 2015 Is Inadequate Rooting Limiting Resource Capture and Yield?
C A White R Sylvester-Bradley P M Berry
779 2015 Phosphorus Fertilisation: Achieving Agronomic and Environmental Goals
D P Wall N T McDonald
780 2016 Evaporation / Crystallisation Challenges in the Fertiliser Market
K Schooley V Bourgier R Lawson
781 2016 Current Developments in Controlled Release Fertilisers
J G A Terlingen S Radersma G J J Out J Hernández-Martínez P C Raemakers-Franken
782 2016 Granulation Technology with Flexibility to produce a Range of Specialist Products
N Kargaeva
783 2016 Granulation of Complex Fertilisers
H Kiiski A G Kells
784 2016 Potential for Post-Production Segregation of Blended Fertilisers
G Moitzi J Pichler W Hofmair G Piringer A Gronauer
785 2016 Benchmarking: An Important Milestone in the Journey Towards Process Safety Management Excellence
C Pridy
786 2016 Transforming Vehicle Safety at a Primary Fertiliser Producer in the UK
D Phelan
787 2016 Targeting Improving Performance and Conversion Efficiency in Nitric Acid Plants
O Kay T Buennagel
788 2016 Improvements in Nitrogen Addition to the Fertiliser Production Flowsheet
I Blazsek M J Cousins
789 2016 Updating Grassland Fertiliser Recommendations: Principles and Practice
J P Newell Price M Lobley J R Williams
790 2016 Crop Available Nitrogen Supply from Food-based Digestate
A Bhogal F A Nicholson M Taylor A Rollett J R Williams
791 2016 Effect on Soil Nutrient Status of Input/Output Balances for Phosphate and Potassium in France
Ph Eveillard N P A Saby L Gouny P Denoroy B Lemercier
792 2016 Potassium Management in Soils and Crops: A Review
A E Johnston P R Poulton K W T Goulding A J Macdonald M J Glendining
793 2016 Effects of Urease and Nitrification Inhibitors on Yields and Emissions in Grassland and Spring Barley
P J Forrestal D P Wall R Carolan M A Harty L M Roche D J Krol C J Watson
G J Lanigan K G Richards
794 2016 Managing Soils to Alleviate Dietary Micronutrient Deficiencies in Southern Africa: Possibilities and Knowledge Gaps
M G Manzeke F Mtambanengwe M J Watts M R Broadley P Mapfumo
795 2016 Estimation of Global Yield Gaps and Implications from their Analysis
M K van Ittersum S C de Vries P A J van Oort P Grassini
796 2016 Upward Revision of Restrictions on Nitrogen Applications in Denmark
L Knudsen
797 2016 Impact of Superior Silage Quality on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
B A Aby A T Randby L Aass
798 2016 Updating National Nitrogen Fertiliser Recommendations for Cereals and Oilseed Rape
S M Clarke S E Roques P M Berry J P Newell Price S M Knight
799 2017 Sieve tray replacement in a nitric acid absorber column
D Schuler
800 2017 NOx and SO2 abatement using gas-phase chlorine dioxide
R Richardson

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