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Society Publications

We provide three types of publications:

Individual Society Proceedings

All of our Proceedings, back to 1947 in either pdf or hard copy format, are available for purchase.

IFS Members benefit from a 20% discount on purchases of individual Proceedings. Furthermore, Members can purchase 'Proceedings credit' that provide greater discounts on purchases of pdf copies of several Proceedings.  These Proceedings credits can be purchased from the Member area of the website.

If you know the number(s) of the Proceedings you want to buy, type this into the box below and then click on the 'Display Proceedings Title' button. If you do not know the number(s) of the Proceedings you want to buy, click on the 'Browse the Proceedings Catalogue button. This will take you to the catalogue, where you can find the Proceedings numbers you will need to type into the box.

When you enter the Proceedings number into the box below, and then click the button, the system will display the Proceedings number and title. Click on this to see the abstract, to check that this is the one you want. Then click the 'Add to basket button' that will have appeared. If you want to buy more Proceedings click on the Back button, above, to return to the Proceedings catalogue.

Enter the Proceedings Number in the box below.

Themed collections of Society Proceedings

These are in digital pdf format on USB cards.

Recordings of presentations

IFS Conferences, viewable online. These are comprised of an audio recording synchronised with the author’s charts and include the question and answer session.