Recording and charts of our P Life Cycle Analysis webinar are now available

A recording of this webinar (full title: Comparative Life-Cycle Assessment of P recovery from wastewater path and phosphate rock based fertiliser production), given by Fabian Kraus, Senior R & D Project Development Manager at Berlin Centre of Competence for Water, on 13 May 2020, is now available to view, for free. This includes the detailed question and answer session.

In addition, a pdf copy of the charts that Fabian used can be downloaded.

Life-Cycle-Assessment (LCA) is often used to evaluate the ‘overall’ sustainability of a product, a process or activity. However its conclusions are strongly dependent on the background data-sets. For P fertilisers, the current data is based on studies from the 1990s, since when much has changed. This work has checked the accuracy of existing data, and generated a new reliable data-set for the LCA of mineral and recovered P fertilisers. A clear picture emerges on which recovery processes are best for WWTP operators.