Recording and charts of our safety in ammonia plants webinar are now available

A recording of this webinar (full title: The importance of both occupational and process safety in ammonia plants – lessons from practical experience), given by Harrie Duisters, Corporate HSE & Technology Director of OCI N.V., on 29 April 2020, is now available to view, for free. This includes the detailed question and answer session.

In addition, a pdf copy of the charts that Harrie used can be downloaded.

Ammonia production is a challenging area when it comes to managing safety. This paper describes the program that is in place within OCI to progressively improve occupational safety within its 11 plants. It covers several specific key process safety risks, such as ammonia tank stress corrosion cracking, and how OCI addresses their management in terms of the health effects of ammonia exposure, First aid, Personal Protective Equipment, and Hazards in the workplace.