The FerTechInform online information resource for fertiliser production

All those interested in the production of fertilisers can now benefit from free access to a unique technical information resource.

FerTechInform has been developed by the International Fertiliser Society, in collaboration with the International Fertilizer Development Center, European Fertilizer Blenders Association and experts in other partner organisations.

The FerTechInform site is available for all to use for free.

This short video explains the features and benefits of the resource.

FerTechInform Knowledge Base

This resource has two complementary parts – an information Knowledge Base and an interactive forum. The Knowledge Base contains introductory level information on processes, chemistry, materials and equipment. As all the information has been verified by the Society’s experts, it can be relied upon to be balanced and credible. This information is augmented by links to more detailed or specific resources and related IFS Proceedings. Thus FerTechInform acts as a convenient ‘one stop shop’ portal for each topic area.

FerTechInform Forum

Not only does the forum enable users to interact with each other, but it is supported by a panel of experts who are available to answer questions posted to the forum. This provides another way in which users can find just the information they need.

FerTechInform is relevant to everyone working in the fertiliser production industry in a technical or practical capacity – plant managers and engineers, plant supervisors and operators, SHE managers, plant designers and developers, and consultants. Staff new to the industry can use the resource as a source of introductory information, while more experienced ones can use it for topics with which they are unfamiliar, or as refresher material. Regulatory organisation staff can use it to better understand the industry that they are involved with. The information in the resource is relevant to fertiliser production in all parts of the world.

Detailed fertiliser production information

For user convenience and flexibility, information in FerTechInform can be found in a variety of ways. It can be browsed, specific terms can be search for, or the resource can be ‘surfed’ using hotlinks.

The information currently available constitutes Phase 1 of FerTechInform, containing key aspects of fertiliser production and topics of contemporary relevance. This constitutes around a quarter of the complete resource, which will be developed as funding becomes available. Phase 1 is available to use for free; note that registration is required to post to the forum in order to prevent spurious usage.

Supporting organisations

The Society thanks the following organisations for support in the development of FerTechInform.