The IFS is looking forward to resuming physical conferences

While continuing to organise a busy and varied programme of webinars, the Society has started planning for the resumption of ‘old fashioned’ physical conferences. First will be our Agronomic Conference, planned for 9-10 December 2021, in Cambridge, UK. Next up will be our Technical Conference, planned for 12-13 May 2022, in Amsterdam.

In the meantime we have just held a successful Technical webinar of the topic of Revamping Ageing Facilities, with our next Technical webinar being on 30 June, on Advanced Process Control. Sandwiched in between will be two webinars looking at aspects of crop nutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa: Nutrient management for smallholders in Sub-Saharan Africa on 15 June and Aspects of crop nutrition in Africa on 21 June.