The pace of IFS webinar activity slows down!

After a frenetic January and early February, during which the IFS has run no less than five webinars, there will now be a gap of nearly a month before our next two.

On 4 March we are hosting a webinar comprising two presentations on aspects of multi-nutrient crop management, while on 8 March we will be running a webinar looking at new developments in the production of phosphate fertilisers.

The five recently run webinars covered Aspects of nutrition for cereals, Factors limiting crop yield, and the identification of Soil microbial dead zones induced by N fertiliser application, for agronomists; and the reduction of emissions from ammonium nitrate plants and a explanation of the new EU regulation on explosives precursors for those involved with the production and handling of fertilisers.

Materials from all these webinars are available for Society Members to access.